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The front runner in Brazil's, presidential elections Ajay Bolsonaro wants to cut ties with Venezuela and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, that's according to his son from Brasilia. Bloomberg's Rachel kamarsky reports the firm, I'm captain wins the election. Brazil would also put an end to its friendly relations with era. On I will face dodgy from Workers Party in a runoff vote on October twenty eight Rachel Ghimire escape, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And Donald Trump has said he opposes blocking arms sales to Saudi Arabia over the disappearance of a journalist. The president's comments come as a bipartisan group of the US senators is forcing his administration to investigate the disappearance of Jamal has Shoghi that triggers a human rights probe that could result in sanctions against Saudi officials and entities. Global news twenty four hours a day on Naronha take talk on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Markus Karlsson. This is Bloomberg guy. I smoke us sport time invested Aston Villa? Have appointed Dean Smith their new head coach with John Terry as his assistant then us joins from championship rivals Brentford after nearly three years at the club. Terry spent the final year if he's playing career at Villa Park leading into the playoff final format. Valencia and Madrid sporting director hazy Garcia Petrarch is coming into elsewhere England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford says he went rest on his laurels says he aims to stay the country's number one. The England stopper secure the shed following his excellent performance at the World Cup in Russia Wales returned to the principality stadium for the first time in seven years when my host Spain at an international friendly later Gareth bale will miss the game with an injury. But it's hopes he'll be fit for next week nations. Lead with Republic of Ireland a world number-two Justin Rose headlines. The field at golf's British masters is joined by fellow European Ryder.

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