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Tolbert Thompson time to talk dubs with bay area. Columnists from the athletes and warriors insider, Marcus Thompson on sports leader. Thanks worse. Have the bulls tonight? We'll have the countdown to tip off at seven o'clock for you. But the big news DeMarcus cousins is gonna come back in a week. At least that's scheduled to do. So are they going to handle that on both ends of the court and all that other stuff Marcus Thompson joins us every Friday. We always enjoy it. And you might know this. But he's at the he's with the he probably has athletic gear on right now. He joins us courtesy of and the guests on how are you? Man, what you watch me or something. Every time. I've seen you which is good. You're good. In public. I gotta push the brand you. Yeah. Absolutely. What do you guys have? Besides a t shirt here, you got a hat a scarf athletic scarf. We have thirty. We have baby we have had we have duffle bags, but they're all for the employees. Your perks for us. Go by best buy polo. You know what I'm saying? Like, that's only you gotta work there. So okay. Absolutely. Yeah. I got my t shirt when I order. That's that's getting sir. Oh, that's okay. Use it as. My car. Telecom even because of Marcus. He's. XL didn't work. Do you work as a Shammy though? Yeah. Yeah. Not bad not bad. I mean, it wasn't great. But you know in a pinch it dried off the Rams. So that not too shabby. Now, you keep it. Right. Use it as a rag, or did you just know it's still there? Gotcha. I mean, I feel like I can tell you that I want to tell him that. You can always told me to appreciate it. Things. Pretty good. My my daughter is about to be in a play tonight. Ooh. Little mermaid. Yeah. Okay. So I'm a little excited about that. Which is going to be playing. She arial. Come on. She black. So I mean, that's what I say. But thank you. No black people in the mermaid anyway. So thereby if you're gonna use that logic, many black people the play, disagree, Sebastian Australia, Jamaica. Maybe maybe. Maybe arsenal. Ursula is like, you know, I mean, we don't get into these uh stereotyping or whatever, but Ursula is three big, mama. Don't go. She got all the features of being channel those slippers. I guess you could you Jamaica, get big mom. I didn't see. So I couldn't think mama. Watching you watching and you'll be like, hey, hey, Marcus now, I didn't see all your who's who's a big, mama. I don't know who plays Ursula, but she's got you know, the quality. She's like, you know, she's large. She looked like she can make some Gumbo. It looks like he looks like big mom in the family. You know, how I can make Gumbo. And then so MRs there's a show called there's a show called the descendants. Right. Which is supposed to be the children of the heroes and villains of Disney. Okay. Charlie Charlie and Ursula daughter, and she's black. So they kind of tell you, you know, what I'm saying how they viewed Ursula because her daughter is my daughter loves it, by the way, she's Houma affirma- other students. Everybody is nuts. You guys don't care. No. But this is nuts for my daughter in that age, but she was for Halloween and all that. So okay. Takes in Disney. Let me go. There you go. I just. I wished I watched something that we should probably try to find something that we both watch she watches sopranos. Oh, absolutely. If you've been watching a great show of all time. Have you been watching it? They they've been replaying all the episodes last week. No. I haven't seen it. I've. Regrettable. It is one of those shows that you can go over there. You know? What's funny about the sopranos is once there's a character from the sopranos? It doesn't matter. What else they do? No matter. What else they're always that character? Molly Holly on Holly could be a preacher. Yup. Doc, orphans probably got. Wings. There's a one here's the one because I've seen most of the stuff that's out there the day. I've tried to practice it the one that I'm just absolutely ashamed ashamed that I haven't seen as the wire I have not seen. I did not start it. So I didn't want to jump in and season. Three retold. How good it was. And then it was over and that I didn't get up. I I gotta go find it on. I have not heard one bad thing about that. And I really wanna see it. But that's that's the one I missed. I totally. I totally blew it on that one hour totally give you my message passwords to watch that. Oh, yeah. Oh, maybe maybe I will start watching it. It's on demand to okay? It's all the MO HBO. Okay. Watch the wire I'm gonna tell you season two is like better to second or third time. You watch it. There's going to be a little rough. But okay. How many seasons are there? Okay. Got it. Hey, marcus. You know, it's interesting because your latest piece is on Patrick McCaw. And actually the story now is better than Matt Patrick McCaw ever was. Why you say that? I just I was never a Patrick McCaw fan. Champ, john. I thought it was he is a player was overblown. But I think the story now that's coming out is interesting. No. I think I think he was actually good. What's he going to be an all star? I don't know. But for my money, he was such a fit for what the words were doing like how often and maybe this was a little crazy to think if you're looking at how the word builder championship team. You kinda reinvent yourself in order to stay on top. But he was one of those pieces whereas looking leg. Hey, maybe maybe you could just keep plugging in similar pieces. You gotta find a Nick Steph curry eventually. But it was it was weird. How they found a dollar like that was always like. Wow. Like, how did you do that? And it turns out, obviously, he he really thought he was you know, that kinda right away. But I thought he could be that. And that's that's not like terrible really pretty worried, by the way, not truly etc. And not he he was a great to be the warriors six-man play defense distribute the ball like emergency point guard. And if you ever worked on the shot, maybe he becomes finals? Here's the problem with with with McCaw that he's gonna have to figure this out. He needs to be as confident in himself as people around him are confident in them. There are a lot of people with the words that thought he could get it done and believed he would get it done. I'm not sure if Patrick ever believed enough in himself. He never had a consistent. I think not having a consistent role probably hurt his confidence just a little bit. But there were times you just wanted him to go out there and go just do you just? If you're open shoot, it take it to the whole big graphs. You're you're doing enough other things. It's okay. If you make a mistake, and it just I just wish that I hope at some point during his career. He he really believes that himself because if he does then I think he'd be a player. You know, here's the part that. Here's the interesting part. I I don't know if you can get that like, and this is like nature nurture question. I mean, the the proper response to his situation is like, hey, you play Nick young over me for real. What's now show you what I can do. And the fact that he didn't do that. It means like wait a second. That's for me as a professional athlete that might be an element that miss it. And I wonder how you get that. Or if you can't meet there's like blame another player on the warriors who would've taken this route like man, I don't wanna pay for y'all because you didn't have the minutes. I thought I should ask for me. Everybody else to say. All right. All right. What would you do? He will make every three pointer just to just approved the Steve that he's wrong, and that's a little bit. When you don't score. Like, he does when it just doesn't come natural to you, those intangibles matter a lot. And for me, he showed the best one Lucy. We saw it in the year two, right? We on the side. It was it felt like it was easy to rob him of his confidence. And instead of like just taking their head on. He was like man I want to be in a new situation. I don't even wanna play with you guys. And I don't that makes me worried about what's next for him. The talent is there. But you just can't you gotta have a mindset. And if you don't have it, I hope he can get it. They really believe in feel handy like putting him with his hands. He was who's like a player development guy now with the raptors Cleveland for years, they really believe that he'd be hands. But he he's gotta get that dog. And he hasn't shown it this last year. That's why in the like you talked about in your piece so the saga of Patrick. We're really happened. Why did he want out? He's I know is agent. Bill Duffy's a good agent. Obviously, he he just to me. He wasn't listening to the right people. Sounds like that right? I know that there were a lot of people who are like. All right. I mean, I got you. I understand what you're saying. But go proven wrong. Like, you said he's not a dummy like how much money did. They lose. Right liver went from three billion dollars up. So there were people in his corner who were saying all right? Just go play. But I do think some of it was advice. I do think some of it was that's confidence. He just. There was something there. He was like, I don't know. I don't believe in my ability to produce there because I don't really believe in them. I don't know if it's blame shifting you had a bad year. You don't know. Maybe maybe he really just needed a free start for his own psyche to play like he knows how to play and if he knows himself that way more than I applaud him because he's gonna need every age to save is. And what do you think has happened could Draymond three point shot? I mean, he was never the we all know what he was that one season that Luke took over and let him do what he wanted to is new damn near forty percent. If not forty percent from three until Steve back. But other than that, he's been okay. I mean, you know, passable thirty-five percent thirty seven percent thirty six percent shooting. Now like you said the first couple of years on big world, which is brutal. And I'm not saying they can't win with him not hitting on occasional three. But it damn sure be easier. Guys had to go out there and garden occasionally. You mean like the whole offenses? Yeah. Here. Here's a it's interesting. I think I think this is like a perfect storm for Draymond number one. I do believe there's some kind of injury issue. Whenever I watch it for. He just he literally looks like a different shooter. He'll shoot one time. And it's like all right. You didn't get any legs. It was flat shoot the next time you clean and sober. And there's something about what's going on physically that he doesn't seem to be able to shoot the same shop right now. It's not that Klay Thompson shot the euro. So he kind of needs to be really good. Sit and elbowing and all that is just looks so different than where it used to. There's some physically Bertha operated. I think it's confidence. I do think there's something like of all people on the most brash do on the team. There's something in his head. He he's trying to get right? He's trying to sign that place where it's like I wanna you know, there's normally during is gonna make the shot. He's gotta make lesson. Talk trash and he's not making those shots. Right. And that's where it's like, whoa. I've known become through what I need to. So I think he's trying to find something you see him. He makes one he returns to the bitch screams, come Garvey, right? And it's like you can tell he's trying to find the confidence in himself. He even three how many times is he going up around the rim. Hesitantly trying to quick shot it or you don't know if he should pull up floors. Doesn't know what he wants to do with the ball? He wants to pass. But if they haven't really figured out here my shots right here. I think you should just go try to for everybody. You do at one time. Okay. Let me let me go do. But he's trying floaters and kick off the glass and like children. But I do think it's Mitchell it, which is weird. Right. And then we're gonna talk to you next Friday. So we'll talk to you before DeMarcus cousins, probably debuts against the clippers. But as you're thinking about him debut in what are the things that that are popping in your mind about his fit whether it be offensively defensively potentially the last five minutes of the game. Whether he plays in that, what are your thoughts? There. If they do what they did for Katie in year one where the whole first month is just about making sure. Demarcus cousins ball, and right, and they're just feed feed and they wanna play. Well, they wanna look good..

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