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I understand about heart rate her is variability it's actually important for your heart rate to be variable uh so you actually want it to be at a high variability oh because that younes that your heart can adjust quickly what that's basically saying is say that i am sitting down at rest right and then all of a sudden i get up and i jog for twenty seconds if i have a high heart rate variability my heart is very able to very quickly adjust to that so it's not gonna take like my heart's not gonna have to go into overdrive to compensate for the fact that it was just sitting whereas if you have a low heart rate variability means it takes a lot longer for sort of things to get into gear a so it's actually this is something that is constantly changing so it's not just like i have a low or a high and then that's it forever your heart goes through patterns depending on how hard you working at any one points and whether or not you regularly work out so one of the reasons why it's so useful to athletes is you can actually look at it if you have a heart high heart rate vary a ability on that day that actually says you are at peak rest which means that you can do the most work and after you've done a hard workout you can check your heart rate variability at the end of the day and metal tell you for the next day hey you can still do some work or your heart rate variability is low at your body needs to rest and recover and then you could do another day of hard work the day after that sooner alatas views really interesting studies theathened simple is just because it's always measuring your heart rate uh but then some i think that's a significant yet i mean it has potential but again a denote a dose of shrill as on the only personal listen to a panel not wearing a bow tie of it only were apple watch i'm wearing a band of fitness ring road who've this thing has accelerometers heart remeasure measures sleep is a sponsor should mention but i'm wearing two i can get a second opinion the filo.

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