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There. He's a senior in a genie Harris. I mean, he's got Nickelback present problems in the secondary. And as a result, they can probably play man to man on the outside. The question will be number nine. Greg johnson. The Fred redshirt freshman out there. I have a feeling AJ RJR single will probably go after them. And then that's an area that they'll have to test an area that USD will have to bolster make much better. He Stanford quarterback talked about US's true. Freshman JT Daniels. J J J that was the combination of San Diego State last Friday night, K J Castello who was a redshirt sophomore came last year to start seven games is not lost hair. At Stanford Stadium is five and three as a star during it off season hip surgery, but he was still able to throw a lot to these wide receivers. And he's a very capable quarterback. They Stanford is produced some of the best quarterbacks we've seen. The college level and out of the NFL level throughout their great history. And k j Castillo follows the lines of an Andrew locker or cabinet HOGAN. Without a question at the end of last year. He was one of the best downfield passers in in collegiate football, any most certainly found himself. He threw for three hundred thirty two yards four touchdowns. He did have an interception. But the ball was nicknamed the line of scrimmage vote. So his performance was exceptionally. Well, and it was will need it because they know that they can run the ball. They've been able to run the ball. But he can throw the ball downfield without having to rely on the tide in this is the first time I've seen Stanford throw the ball downfield to consistently and has success. The great thing about David Shaw. And he's now at his eighth theories, the winningest coach in the history of the Stanford program and even playing football for a while here on the farm, as you will know, Tony is it as a very sophisticated pro style running attack they'll pull guards they actually have a full back on the roster multiple fullback. So what do you expect from USA's defense? Tried to shut down Bryce love Iran for over two thousand yards last year. I think they'll take the same approaches San Diego State do that. I think they're going to put eight men in the box and four Stanford to beat them on the outside. It's one of those situations. Pick your poison either gonna lose with the heist. Trophy potential winner. Or you lose on the outside with JJ over there. I think that's going to be there cheese. Success Stanford Carter making their way through the tunnel in the southeastern China. A lot of the field here. Not a huge crowd right now. We're gonna kick it off locally at about five. Forty five mentioned earlier, the students are not back and flashed there on the quarter system here at Stanford. They're not going to go back to school two weeks for Monday on the twenty fourth. But always when USC comes up it's a big game. And there are a lot of people here from southern California without a question I had a chance to walk from the hotel. I thought this was a Stanford game. But I thought of USC that gold and maroon out there. It's going to be good games. Going to be a big game. I know the students are gonna show up for for the simple fact that they're playing USC Gary simply the week two of the college football season. This is the best game of the day. USC ranked number seventeen Stanford is ranked number will kick.

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