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To andrew in orange connecticut. What's up andrew. Hey guys hey doing soreness. What's up man. We got i Huge giants fan and You know the whole thing was saquon. Even evan ingram that like it's there in too deep. You know you can't trade him because you you're not gonna get any value back for and let's lawsuit that i mean pretty much. What what are we gonna get forever you know first round pick and say. There's no way. He gave him away for master questionnaire though. Andrew knowing that ever ingram is going into a restricted. Free unrestricted free agency. Do you wanna you want. Just hold onto them or do you want to see if he can get something for him. That's why i tell ya man you gotta get something for you can again like i was saying with the islanders and john. Taveras is probably the one that when you think about when all of that was going down. Now it's not the current group of people that are running the team right now but when you think about what the what the islanders could have gotten had. They traded john barrasso trading deadline instead. They had this belief that somehow he was going to stay. Here what actuality was better that he left anyway. It turned out was better that he signed with toronto and left here. And the and the islanders didn't have to pay that money and they built around younger players and they had good drafts by gar snow and they brought in top-quality free agents under lula morello They got a couple of good goalies. Next thing you know. The team is in the conference finals. Two years in a row. Yes so with with saquon. Excuse me saquon. He's got he's under contract you well. This is his fourth year so that fifth year is still a thing right and then on restricted. Twenty twenty three. But then doesn't really have to be unrestricted. They could tag him. Don't forget that the the franchise tag is out there for running backs. It's not that big but what why are you keeping i. I'm serious about this. Why and you're going to. I mean so franchise takes not that big but it's more than what he'd be making now right signing bonus but right so his cap it right now is is cap. It has ten million dead cap. Hit for him would be nine. Nine point nine million. But that's that would not be the case because his contract would end up. You know the money that he's getting paid this year would end up going to wherever he was traded. Yup exactly and then if you wanna say the nice thing is if you decided to trade him the team that was acquiring him would have him for another year by the way and that's what happened to. Yes i mean. And i know that you know the titans are they signed. Adrian peterson near expecting derrick. Henry come back next year that you'd have both those guys. But i mean where's frank or how come there's nobody signed him. I think he's done. He's absolutely done. But i mean if you're if you're really thinking about making a super bowl run and you feel like saquon can help you. I don't know if he would. But that would be the team that you would call second round. Pick get a round pick for them. Maybe thirty round pick. I'd have to look and see what they have to offer. I think we didn't we do this yesterday. Yeah they got. They don't have a ton of they. Don't have a tough ton of stuff right. But they ended up signing. Adrian peterson which he'll be okay for them. The other thing too is if they do lose free agents there's also the compensatory picks that teams get a big bill check. You know it was a big thing with him up there.

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