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SFO for those of you who have been with us, for the, last eighteen minutes you know exactly, where, we're, going to talk, about the segment but for the rest of you hey surprise good morning Plus a couple of other little ditties for example Katie had this at, the top of the our news parts going to. Receive? Six point eight billion dollars. For safety and security from the feds. So that means federal government in other words tax payers in Arkansas and. Minnesota here are people that will never come to San Francisco and the. Bay area and we'll, never ride Bart or paying. For Bart why because Bart. Is financially unsustainable we talk about this all the time they're, up annual operating budget is over two hundred million dollars a year they wouldn't survive without grants and. The handouts from from all from taxpayers that's that's how they, that's how they do it like. Welfare, welfare. For Bart Yeah it's it's just it's. Despicable it's so poorly run So. We've, got that for you another. Headline headline headless corpse San Francisco home missing man so this is the way I'm. Denoting this particular you gotta get. Into that one, could night We've, got, that. For you but let's get back to the big story the big big big stories stories story This is, Lanny Davis, Lanny Davis So how do? We how do we, describe this Lanny Davis. Is he's he's a, political hack Marketing guy used to? Work for the Clinton administration Bill Clinton's lawyer Now he's the attorney for Michael Cohen Michael Cohen former Trump attorney, hires Lanny Davis because he knows Lanny Davis is a slime ball and. He wants a slamming. Attorney to get him out of the whole so that's the deal. That's the deal Lanny Davis Lanny Davis now has acknowledged he was an anonymous source for this big, big story originally broke on CNN and that it went it went wild. Claiming that former Trump. Attorney Michael Cohen Was willing to tell the special counsel's office that Donald Trump had foreknowledge of the, infamous Trump Tower meeting so in other words Lanny Davis said listen to the Trump Tower meeting, with the, Russians I know the Donald Trump has said he knew nothing about that ahead of time but can I tell you something he. Was in on that for the beginning from, the beginning And this was this was all This was all ally the media. Wet with this head. Over heels. We finally got Trump he's lied he knew. About the meeting with the Russian. See there is collusion after all let me give you a, little example of the media montage this is the feeding frenzy that was, going. Down with, this, particular story Sherry the montage please Bombshell President Trump's longtime lawyer ready to deliver the goods sources tell ABC news the Michael Cohen claims Donald.

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