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Some college football here. Let's go down to the SEC championship game. In the Atlanta. Number one, Alabama and number four Georgia. Georgia was up twenty one seven Allen's twenty one fourteen late stages of the second quarter about two minutes left. The Andrea swift TD pass and a TD Ron to attack. Just as third interception of the season, Alabama. Jess score a touchdown. They called it for Georgia on a messed up. Call actually it should have been a touchdown Alabama. All the way they did reverse the call the player did get the ball over the Golan recovered his own fumble Alabama got the touchdown. So it's now Georgia leading Twenty-one fourteen. Exactly, two minutes left Georgia defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach Mel Tucker. Reportedly set to become the next head coach at Colorado. An announcement expected outer this SEC championship game American conference championship game in Orlando and number eight UCF down by seventeen Memphis leading thirty eight to twenty one at the break. Durell Henderson over one hundred eighty yards rushing. Three t Ron's two of them coming on a sixty two an eighty two yard run. No McKinsey, Milton. The Star TV for UCF injured his knee last week against US earlier finals big twelve championship game at AT and T stadium. Number five. Oklahoma scoring the final twelve points of the game. They beat Texas thirty nine twenty seven calamari throated seventy nine yards in the year. Three TD passes fourth straight big twelve title for. Oh, you number twenty three Iowa State holds off FCS member, Drake. Twenty seven twenty four tough ending for the home team in the conference USA championship game UAB will.

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