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Today as you know we are breaking down my kind of expectations. And what i wanna see out of the defensive side of the football we got through the defensive line in the linebackers both spots so far and are kind of looking at the defensive backs and really. There's probably the most amount of question marks out of any position on this defense of course in the secondary One guy that we know won't have any question marks surrounding him as we start with. The corners is joe haden. he's been a fixture of the steelers secondary for a very long time. Now i do believe this is year five for joe. Hayden as pittsburgh steelers. Cornerback whether or not this is last year. Doing it remains to be seen. But he is a voice in that locker room and really. He's he's been the steelers best corner since he signed in this team five years ago. So i want to see out of joe is if he's still got it and if he can still play at a high level i wanna see the steelers put some money down on the table and keep joe haden on this team until he doesn't have it anymore. He's a guy that i think means way too much to this roster he's beloved by everyone in the nfl. He's one of the very few guys that i've never heard a negative thing. Said about really the only two guys. I can think of that or like that larry fitzgerald. Joe haden beloved across the entire. Nfl it doesn't matter what team you play for. It could be a bitter bitter rival. We know he left the browns but browns fans still love that guy. People love joe haden he. He means too much in that locker room. He means too much on the field if he can still go. I wanna see the steelers. Joe haden and play out his days as a member of the pittsburgh steelers and i want to see them. Get him a playoff win. He's still hasn't wanna playoff game in his career. That is a tragedy boy. Oh boy i wanna see that guy get a ring it if anything. But we'll start with the playoff game. Pass joe hayme because we know. He's the constant in the cornerback. Room the new guy that will be a starter outside of joe. Hain one mr cam son. He got the extension steven nelson got the boot. How does he. Oh good cam son can be. I wanna see if he can do better than steven nelson. Of course the steelers kind of hitch their wagon a camp sutton as their new starter. They didn't drafting one until very late in the draft. And even then. I'm not sure if traynor norwood is a corner. I think he's more of a safety. But again mike tomlin called swiss army knife. We will have to see on. Traynor would but i really do wanna see what cam sutton now will do as a starting corner. He's looked really good at times playing the outside. It'll be interesting. Of course james peer. He might as jeffrey benedict film guru at behind the steel curtain house said james. Peer might have the best technique when it comes this team which is crazy to think of an undrafted free agent from a year ago having that much talent so there might be an open competition here but by all means kempson has a contract. He is going to have the first crack at the starting job if he can be as good as steven nelson for a fraction of the price my word. What a win for the pittsburgh steelers that would change everything. Kam-sun maybe he's the guy that can finally reverse the curse of the steelers drafting corners. They haven't got one in a very long time. I guess since. I taylor but cam son. He has the potential to be the first drafted corner since then to look good in the secondary for the pittsburgh steelers so by all means i think all steeler fans are rooting for cam son to do. Just that after cam son. We know there's a massive hole in that nickel spot sutton was kind of the backup their gill really camp sutton was coming back. Spot in the secondary last year but The steelers lose. Mike cam sons more than likely playing on the outside. What does that mean for the nickel position. We know the steelers defense kind of changed a little bit when they found mike hilton as an undrafted. Free agent who bounced around from a couple of teams. They were able to develop defense. Were the nickel corner. Can go hunt quarterbacks. Really that was exciting and something. Not many teams really know teams have ever done so it. It changed the secondary two of the things really. There's two big factors here at that nickel corner position number one will the steelers try to run the same scheme and i really. That comes down to who the player at that spot is going to be the traditional corner coral. That's more of a coverage guy or if they want that guy to continue to hunt the quarterback and really by the sounds of some of these press conferences. It sounds like the steelers still want. That guy hunt. Quarterbacks do they have that person on roster is at arthur. Millette is a trucker brown. Is james peer heck cam sudden bunk down in those packages. We are not certain. Of course. I guess that will be answered. Come week one. Once we find out how this team plans to roll out there the players right now. We don't know the answer either. That so really number one was a scheme and number two is who is that guy going to be and can they be just as good as my kiln. Which really kind of an absurd statement. Mike hilton he was the only guy that's ever been able to play that job before. Hopefully the steelers have been able to find that guy. We know they desperately have been looking. They signed. I believe six defensive backs in undrafted free agency so by all means they are desperately looking for that guy to take over that role. There's a ton of guys on the roster that are going to have a crack at it is just up to the steelers to fine the best guy for that job. The last thing. I want to see out of the corner back. Position is how this depth chart is going to kinda roll out here. Oh boy it's going to be one of those kind of interesting things to see how everything plays out with the starters first of law but right now it seems james peer might be the number one backup when it comes to the outside corners and then beyond that. It's a ton of question marks and it's one of the things. I'm going to bring up again when we get to the safeties but really all these defensive back spots while it seems like we know who the starter or the most likely starters going to be when it comes to backup if there's an injury huge question marks. We don't know who those guys are going to be. And of course the steelers have a ton of young guys in the building. Now that are going to compete for those jobs. So we're just going to have to sit back and watch how plays out. But the way this depp chart rounds out is going to mean a lot. There's no way every single one of the pittsburgh steelers starters are going to remain healthy so it's one of those things to look out for whether or not they to bring in another guy through free agency before we get We get to training camp even after training camp kind of remains to be seen. We know that teams cut and is of course what forty seven players get cut each by each and every team each and every year so there could be some decent secondary guys in the market that the steelers could chase at that point but right now they don't really have that kind of flashy name. Maybe james pierre is. He looked really good in in one football game. The sample size isn't quite there yet. But we need to figure out this step chart the lowest position group. I wanna talk to you. Guys today about are the steelers safeties. We know minkah. Fitzpatrick is an absolute beast. He's one of the best players on this team. He's one of the best young players in the nfl today. On all pro a stud. He changed his team the second they traded for them. What what value the steelers got just a single first round..

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