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People who are living and I. I think we as a society need to support our stand up comedians. And also you know learn how to be Out Comedy can help us move through tragedy and and sad circumstances and and help us cope in in a world. That sometimes seems just crazy. Yeah agreed I mean? It's what's getting us through right now is that we create comedy on regular basis for people to give them that. We do a daily podcast as well. In addition to this. That's like thirty minutes of YOU'RE NOT GONNA see death tolls you're not gonNA see the stock market going down. You're not gonna hear about flattening curves. We're going to try and make you laugh by talking about Lindsey Lowe hands next single that. She's releasing all find the humor in that. Here's the deal you're gonNA cut when this is all done in comedy is back you're gonNA come out and hang with us at a co. Ed some comedy and if you ever need comedians to do anything for you please don't hesitate to reach out to us because we're we now that we know you we know you now. We're like that sports and you got comedy together. My nurses the beginning behaving news. The bus this is the beginning of the bus. Coir conglomerates. We're GONNA make it happen or you know you know my brother. Johnny bought the Ice House now. Now my brothers even a comedy club owner which is like acid eventually. I'd like to do that as well sound. You love the Ice House so much. Well if you ever want any you know if he needs anything from us you let him he can reach out to US anytime. Thank you all right. We'll take a break when we come back a special another special guests. This is the cheap seats Jeanie. Buss thank you so much now. It's awesome yourself thinking working honest and thank you for being truthful and just you know you were great and if you WANNA cut out the Kobe thing I. It's like as soon as you started saying that. That's where my brain went. I didn't want us to weekend otherwise I think it's okay to you. I just. I'm embarrassed that I didn't listen to the rest of your question. I'm just there which is shows how top of mind is from optional. It's it's fine. It actually makes a Lotta Sense. I wouldn't worry about it. I think are totally. Dig It. This is going to go up next Friday. I'm glad we got you now but will probably do the beginning and end of the show next week and then that'll go up next Friday but will will let you know I'll you know I'll send you d m from there and just wrapping now. Do you want me to promote anything. Yeah that'd be great. That'd be great infrared. If you ever need anything you please don't hesitate. You know how to reach us now if you need anything you let us know if you're like. I needed joke for this thing. Like we'll help you out whatever you need. Well my my only joke from this so far and I'm not ready to make jokes about it but it's Kinda like you know how there's like the Freshman Tan around fifteen. I eat. It's like Oh my God has to last through the summer. 'cause I'm not fitting in a bathing suit. I'll tell you eat news. Watch netflix lakes. He'd and I've just been making banana. Bread is my wife and kids are like stop. It gets an obsession all right. Well Geez. It's much we'll see you in touch with you. Feel great thanks guys..

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