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All right. Big shoes to fill can hear. Let's go here. Let's see what you got for everybody. So I know you don't have you don't have the big voice guys say workers shoot yet. Let's get it going, baby Lets go. You said we didn't need that. I say a lot of things Go. What's your first one? What's your first? Alright? Talked a lot last hour. Fernando Tattoos, junior broken unwritten rule last week by swing any 30 pitch. I've seen a blowout. Now Workers shoot. People were more upset despite the fact only a handful of people are actually upset about the broken rule. The unwritten rule I should say I'm sorry. Explain that again. Workers Shoot! What The workers shoot. People were actually upset despite the fact that no one's actually upset. Oh, that's total work. That's a total work. Nobody was upset. I don't think anybody was really upset, and I actually wondered Somebody else made a made a good comment about Jace Tingler. And this is why I walk this back on him a little bit, because I I just don't like calling for people to be fired. These are these are lively hoods here these air dream jobs and I don't. I don't like doing that. It's just a nasty thing to do. I wouldn't want people to call for you to be fired on me to be fired, so I don't like calling for them to be fired. But If he really meant that I think I'd have a problem with it because you're getting it in the head of your 21 year old hitter, but some people thought he was doing it out of sarcasm. To the 10 to the Texas Rangers because they got so upset about it. I know that there's such a thing as unwritten rules and there's protection. But I love where people are going with this and in by a large 99% of the public, agreed with it. And thought that he should swing away. I like it because it's professional sports and professional sports players are paid based on statistics there paid on what they do. In Fernando Te T's is a fantastic young player, and he should be able to do some damage in major league baseball for some time to come. I I like that. People don't like the old ways of baseball and that hopefully that will make baseball league bone like that. Many people in our age group Vicki, are that upset about this, then that means that a guy who's 30 years old now maybe he's playing Major League baseball. He might be a manager in 20 years, and this is going to change this conversation about these unwritten rules. Those things are going to change, but that many people actually being upset about it now. Total work neck look. All right. So despite a dominant performance in Game two,.

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