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The Broncos Dave Logan is at MetLife stadium with the voice of the jets. Bob was shoes. And dave. Mike. Thanks very much as we get set for today's match up here as the Broncos on the road to face the jets, Bob you of you've seen this team for a long long time now with a brand new face a quarterback and a guy that at times at least from afar looks like he's had plenty of good moments in the first four games. What what can you tell us more about Sam darnold that we might not know? Well, the first thing I can tell you and this is from a selfish standpoint as I'm sure you would experience being a broadcaster for a team. I experienced this being a broadcaster for a team you're going to get to know the quarterback right because you're gonna interviewing and my responsibility after every game is the beeline straight from our booth straight to his locker and talk to him on the post game show. And he is the best kid you would ever want to meet. He was just raised the right way. His dad's a plumber is moms in eighth grade gym teacher zero entitlement. He was never going to be that kid in the high school gym thousand people in there, and what had is he gonna put on? On ESPN U. What college? I'm I going like you none of that. So the jumping off point is he is everything that you would want the face of your franchise to be and from a football standpoint. And this is coming straight from Josh mccown who's been with a lot of teams seen a lot of quarterbacks. But in a lot of QB rooms, he said, this is from a rookie standpoint the person that brings it from the meeting room to the field faster than anybody that he's been around. So I think he needs developmental time. He hasn't played quarterback for a good portion of his life. He wasn't raised as one of those elite eleven kids, you know, he's still learning to play the position and he needs the offensive line to do its job in front of him. Give him some time. But the foundation for everything I think you would want him to be as their let me ask you this from afar again the jets fans expectations. I mean, they they have not had a lot of things to cheer about over the last how. For many years. Now, you get a a young quarterback a guy that comes in much ballyhooed gets off to a good start wins. The first game realistically what are the expectations from this team this year?.

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