Oil Deals, Klu Klux Klan, Marijuana discussed on Double Toasted Podcast - The Sunday Service 9-10-17


He was one of my gateways to two blaxploitation throughout the time that i would watch blaxploitation movies i discovered there's a lot of them out there that don't fit what we really think of bags blaxploitation and don't even fit net are they they don't even an era that would thinking about the one on won't talk about is barely out of the mid 60s it's a movie called the black klansman from 1960 six in this this is this this is the feeling of a funny movie mayor and the third is music up a little busy seized on it's not planning a disco music this sounds like those those the educational film from the 50s that you are scare people don't marijuana in a kind of plays out there way too and it and it has a reputation for being like i say as filmed in deep secrecy in the south they the film this because if the south at found out that people make this might have been lynched are a worse in oil deals with is a man who his daughter was killed by the klu klux klan not turns out there he sunlight skin that tell that they can't tell and he just he decides to go in disguise undercover and infiltrate the ku klux klan so we can get revenge on the guy that killed his daughter okay and it's funny because then in the other naval movies across the colour line but at the beginning of the movie you'll be met know anything about going into because the opening song it tells you everything you need to know faster i like the way man was back the his his two feels like to really cannot racism air finally i can be racist nothing kills at.

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