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The republicans are going to get blamed if the government sunday we'll be blame proof this morning that every vote counts yesterday democrats in virginia's house of delegates picked up one more seat after recount reveal that shelly simon's appeared to have won her seat by a single vote the result which is scheduled to be formally certified today will alter the balance of power and virginia's legislature for the first time in seventeen years splitting evenly between democrats and republicans the last time both parties share power was in 1998 simon's was initially thought to be trailing the incumbent republican david yancey by ten votes her win will mean democrats will flip sixteen republican seats in the state's legislature in last month's election democrats in virginia hoping to add to that number with two more recounts being held this week joe extraordinary i mean it was already a bit of a wave there in virginia had fifteen seats flipping away from republicans who are democrats now we're up to sixteen by one vote yeah you know the the governor's race was a huge win for the democrats especially considering that it look like ed gillespie had some amendment in his direction but the real story of that night the real shock of that night almost on a doug jones level was at the republican legislature in virginia was actually endangered nobody thought that we would get to this point nobody the beginning of the night and once again that suggests a wave for several reasons one huge intensity from the from democrats from black voters from women from younger voters but the bigger problem for republicans and i think by watching the republicans problem this year now i'm starting to understand why democrats lost a thousand boats are a thousand legislative seats under barack obama the lack of energy the lack of inspiration.

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