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Studio or from a monitor different, irrelevant to the guy that you're calling it with is gonna be more difficult, But, you know, we've been doing shows here it can be are from separate studios or separate houses for nine months. Now, it's different than calling a game. But some stuff gets lost in the translation. The timing is a little bit different, right. So anyway, timing was certainly different for the Warriors last night as a czar offense in their defense did not look like it like I think they're hoping it's gonna look in a couple of months, and Steve Kerr said that it's gonna take a couple of months before they get to where they need to be. That's gonna do it for the lead off spot. Murph in Mac's still out today and tomorrow, myself and Marcus Thompson will be with you till 10 o'clock talking lots of warrior basketball. Also, the 40 Niners have a new backup quarterback. We'll talk about that as well. Plenty more coming up. You're listening to the can be our morning show can be. Archambault RFM. San Francisco these sports leader referred Max start now. Good morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show with Brian Murphy and Palma Cap Bridge on KNBR Sports leader. My from the KNP, Our studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Here's Murph in Back the Warriors and the Nets. 1 25 to 99 was the final silver lining in the game. James Wiseman. Dave you I guess that zoo probably where we go and and Steve Kerr saying they're not gonna be where they need to be for a couple of months. Marcus Thompson with me, man. How you feeling? What you think I feel incredible. Uh, I feel better. Andrew Wiggins off to it. All right. I was I was actually what he missed. That wasn't a three pointer. His second Miss shot early in the game on You missed those two. I mean, you missed wide open corner shops like that. You can't miss those. It was. It was Anthony Slater of the athletic, he said. Not all Miss.

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