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And in several years you've attach yourself to this albatross contract. You gotta make some moves in and hit the button. If I'm a wizards fan granted, they're not a lot of those out there. Either. If you're if you're wizards fin this should have happened years ago. I mean, this core was not enough. They had a couple of playoff runs where they were borderline. I could see why they all wore black and everybody got hype big deal. They're five and eleven. And not really improving. I mean, they've had some blips. The big challenge with what Tim, you know, what the challenges what trading? John wall. Yeah. I mean, look in my previous job, I paid a lot of tension to the wizards, obviously. And this is this is something people talked about for awhile now, I will push back on nickel little bit. I think John I think you can move John's contract. I think you can't trade him. I think the talk that he's untradable. I just don't really buy back to me. What are you gonna Bill? Here's well, this is what I was gonna say. I don't know if you're going to get a lot back for him. But I think the compare well for this is when Danny ferry took over the hawks back in twenty twelve what was the first thing. He did he went to the nets traded. Joe Johnson for essentially a pick swamp in a bag of balls. Right. As a bunch of expiring contracts, a first round pick anti picks up. Right, right. I don't even. I don't know if they got I think they got a swap. I don't remember if they got a I. But they they definitely got a bag of all's swamp. Because all the expiring guys were not good. And it was just a just a balance out the money. It was Kris Humphries, Sean. John wall is less tradeable than bleak Griffin. Was when he was with the clippers. Yeah. I mean, I don't know if he's less tradeable. But I mean, again, the thing on is you're talking about four years one hundred seventy million dollars after this. So let me give you the even bigger even bigger number than what than what Blake was on. This year's giants something money. That's a great point though, Andrew if you can I mean, first off the compare the comparison, Joe Johnson is good. Because Joe Johnson was in a contract that allowed people thought was going to be difficult to trade. And they basically traded it for. Cats are cap space. Yeah. And Blake was sort of kind of came out of nowhere. And I think actually looking like a pretty good trade. So here's what that trade was ready for this. So it was was Joe Joe was done the summer. So. And there was it's important to recognize. This was done the summer because you could make twenty it was about June twenty eighth because they needed to get. They wanted to have locked in for Darren Williams to convince during Williams to stay as part of the, but they didn't deal an ex, but they did the deal in July. Right. So, but the point the reason this is relevant is because in the summer you can have up to twenty guys on your roster. You don't have to you could do a five for one trade, and you can pull that off. So here was what Joe Johnson was sent for Jordan farm. Our Johan petro, Anthony, Morrow, Jordan Williams to Shawn. Stevenson. In a sign and trade. He got some free money shots. He was got some free money there. A future first round pick lottery protected and it picks up championship..

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