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On KCRW. Jason Bentley with you ate till 10 coming up. 10 o'clock, Henry Rollins tensile 12 Midnight, So keep it right here. Mm hmm. So this is the unofficial best of 2020 just kind of dipping back into the playlists from weeks ago months ago. Seems like this year's been an eternity on as I mentioned earlier several months of this year we Recorded this show from the home and did an instagram live version of Metropolis, which was a lot of fun and big thanks to everyone that checked in and supported that experiments in live streaming a radio show. But we are happy to be back on broadcast here on 89.9 F M kcrw. In the background. A Russian producer by the name of Lebedev, this Scott Light Rhythm Brothers, Macklowe Bitch. That's a track and Dave one from chromium. I can call you gets a DJ spin a remix. I caught up with the brothers smack a bitch in conversation recently you confined are complete talk with a track and Dave one. Easiest on my instagram page. It's on my I G T V channel. So go to at the Jason Bentley and check out my interview with the brothers Malkovich. Good stuff padlock in the set one of my favorite records of this year's called Salvation. Jesse Lanza, who turned in a great record in 2020 as well licking heaven is the track the album all the time, Crack and smack with the Turbo Tito remix of Pleasure Center. Soul Wax. That's a new one empty dance floor lovebirds with the Greg Wilson version of You Give Me You Can Find us on a new celebration collection of 15 years of Lazy Days. Recordings began the show this week with the artist openly coming to us on foreign family collective. The track is Look, that's new from Mobley. You could replay this show, and many of the metropolis mixes anytime from kcrw's free mobile app or go to kcrw dot com slash metropolis..

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