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A heartbeat months later nelson gets a new client. A french canadian by the name of gay de la poterie wants to freeze his daughter. Genevieve after she dies she's terminally ill with the rare kidney cancer and wants her to have every chance at a future life. What makes this situation uniquely. Tragic is genevieve is just seven years old. Giza news story on tv about cryonics and realized it might be his only chance to prolong his daughter's life. It's july nineteen seventy-one in montreal. Canada nelson and clock are in a bistro with g. He's handsome and well dressed but looks haggard from lack of sleep. He's just finished telling them genevieve story and now he's on the verge of tears her doctors have given up or simply waiting for her to die. Nelson's heartbreaks for this man of all the sad stories. He's heard in the crown business. This is the saddest mr la poultry. I'm so sorry. What do i have to do. We want to help you but you need to understand the financial end the price for the profusion freezing his ten thousand dollars that doesn't include the capsule monthly maintenance and liquid nitrogen replacement feeds key rubs his eyes and slumps his shoulders. His voice drops to a near whisper. I don't have that kind of money. Nelson clock gather exchange. A glance nelson had made a promise to himself. No more free rides and yet he finds himself drawn to geeze plate. So he's relieved. What geese has next. But i will find it. I'll call my parents and my wife's relatives. I can get you the initial ten grand. Thank you i promise. You won't regret it. We'll take great care of her key stairs. Have his half eaten lunch and takes a sip of coffee. His mind seems to be million miles away. Let me tell you about my genevieve. She can't sit still for one minute. Always going in ten directions at once and she likes to tell funny stories. She makes us smile every day. He pauses his voice catching in his throat. That all changed when she got sick. she never complains. I don't know how she does it. She's been so brave sober nelson places a reassuring hand on the shoulder. I have two young daughters and a son. I can't imagine what you're going through that night alone. In his hotel room nelson thinks about genevieve as tragic as their situation is nelson finds silver lining unlike his elderly clients. Genevieve where she ever to be. Reanimated could live a full life. Nelson envisions her graduating high school and college. Having a career getting married having children he has to find a way to help her. Canada doesn't accommodate crown extreme in its hospitals so gear ranges to have genevieve transferred to the children's hospital in los angeles hospital assures nelson. You can have whatever he needs. Meanwhile nelson helps genevieve's parents grant her one last dying wish it. September nineteen seventy-one a nelson watches. Genevieve's brown eyes sparkle with excitement as he pushes her wheelchair through the entrance gates of the happiest place on earth. Disney way with them as genevieve's mother gazes lovingly at her daughter and quietly wipes away a tear. That's the first time she smiled since she got sick. I've arranged something else. That will really make her smile. It's a surprise when you ready. Of course okay. Meet me at the king arthur carrousel in twenty minutes nelson hustle. Saw genevieve's mother stares after allowing herself a tiny smile twenty minutes later but the visited meeting. Point nelson's surprise comes bounding up to park. Actors dressed up in mickey mouse and donald duck costume genevieve. Shrieks with excitement is mickey meals down to embrace her. In that moment watching genevieve's adult joy nelson's heartbreaks. He cannot let this child or her family down on january twenty fifth nineteen seventy-two genevieve passes away in her hospital bed wrapped in her father's arms. She's transferred straight to the mortuary or she becomes the first child ever to be frozen since key has not come up with the money. He'd hoped nelson has to place genevieve into temporary storage container filled with dry ice just like mildred harris. While still strapped for funds nelson is optimistic again. He sure that freezing the first child will be a publicity boon for cryonics. All has to do is keep educating the world. it's the least he can do to honor genevieve. it's the fall of nineteen seventy-two the oakwood cemetery in chatsworth. Santa anna winds have made it a hotter day than usual. Nelson's been asked to fulfil an unusual request. The first of its kind brothers. Dennis and terry harris have flown in from des moines. The whole to our memorial service and viewing of their mother mildred. Who's been frozen for two years to ensure that mildred body remains at low temperature during the service nelson and clock gather have designed a special casket with a thermostat in a liquid nitrogen spray vow. The brothers are in high spirits. Terry shows up dressed in all white then as an all black ten other guests relatives. Mildred also attend mildred sporting false eyelashes and a black wig and wearing an embroidered white gown. Looks like sleeping beauty. Once every fifteen minutes nelson opens the casket so guests can marvel now well preserved looks after two years in suspension. She's pretty as a picture terry. Dennis your mother was always such a stylish woman you boys done. Your momma proud nelson hangs in the back gratified. He could make this day happen. Another relative seeks out nelson to shake his hand. I remember you from iowa. This is some amazing technology. You got here. Mildred looks like she closed her eyes forever. just an hour ago Thank you thank you. It was it was a lot of hard work when the services over. Dennis and terry both go to congratulate. Nelson a grateful. Dennis wraps nelson in an appreciative hug. Thank you this. Memorial was worth every penny. The brothers being nelson is overcome with a sense of joy and relief. It's these kinds of affirmations that make the risky undertakings of his business worthwhile. Little by little. He feels like he's proving that crown ex works and any day. Now he knows you'll make it work as a business too on our show. We explore innovations that have transformed the world. We live in sometimes on a massive scale. But something doesn't have to change the whole world to change your world. And while producing american innovations we found monday dot com or co s a customizable platform. That is made an incredible difference in the way the we work with monday. Dot com or co s teams can create a workflow to manage anything they need projects processes leads. Client requests or whatever. 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Seventy four at the memorial cemetery in chatsworth nelson is down in his vault with one of the cemetery's groundskeepers. A man named joe mendoza showing him the cry capsule that contains all his clients. He speaks hurriedly like he can't get out of the vault fast enough so the frozen bodies inside. This capsule are being cooled with liquid nitrogen. It's very very important. That the bodies stay.

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