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Joy Taylor is joining me on what has been a crazy week it really escalated Tuesday or Monday morning. It was the Anthony Davis Lakers thing. And then Kyrie Irving said yesterday. I don't know the Celtics or anybody anything we've got Porzingis. A Nick now, he's a, ma'am. So that's what Charles Barkley's furious last night. This is what the NBA's been forever. It's been it's been shoe companies and agents and stars controlling it. I'm totally comfortable with it. The NFL is about the GM the coach and the systems. That's generally it NBA's about the stars. There are two different business models. I love both. I think they're both great. I don't think the NBA model works in the NFL, and the NFL model doesn't work in the NBA. And they're my two favorite sports. Was the way it is. All right here. We are first of all let me say this. I would not bet a tunnel Super Bowl get to that in a second just a little bit. Because there is the great unknown Todd Gurley on I like answers not questions in games that I would ever wager on, but it is the Super Bowl people. I know that actually do this for a living. They like the prop bets better than they actually do the game for the same reason girly. Nobody really knows right. This has been a very good year for me in terms of picks nine and one in my picks. In fact, my only loss was I pick Kansas City to beat New England. So, you know, people always say, oh you pick the Seahawks because you're from Seattle you pick the patriot. I don't play that way. I never have. I want to get the stuff. Right. So here we go. Here is my blazing one..

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