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This earlier. This should have had women go to football matches over to the Asian champions and finally don't earlier this year see I have written to them saying you know this is in our statutes. What are you. What are you doing about it? The response back is always. We don't have the the infrastructure to allow women. I have no idea what the hell Kinda infrastructure. They're talking about a portable toilets. What do we need at football grounds to be able to go. They obviously want to go. I think this is this is when your fate you you need to stop things up and you know they have the power to expensively yeah they will they could suspend them. The finishing would-be huge Bowie round obviously a major footballing power or they could also deny them development money but there is so much support and so much outrage we lean Iran even from religious people about this about about what happened to this young woman. It's just such a horrible horrible story that maybe you can get some face at. Maybe this could be the tipping point where something it's done all right. That's all we've got time for. this week was pretty packed. Show Gills I was yeah. Why are you looking forward the most this week in Champions League well I will be in your hometown of Paris Saint Germain against Rao Madrid from Wednesday night on deputy says well what about Napoli Liverpool Yeah and Almond Mond Buzzer and as we mentioned with crime so good. It's a good way to start the championing goodies this story lines to come out of it and we'll catch you all next week..

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