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Welcome to emily. You've obviously become initiate champions league. Victory i as you. You'll mold welcome a friend in andre. Dunbar you'll know they only want obsessed with with draw start. Welcome to the club full. Two years ago this year in fact in october before seat muscles And is interested. Andrei talking about diddy. I in some of those are conic plaza in my you giving me flashbacks. Because when. I first walked into the dual hair. Cullum gracie blind place big personalities jones. Harry has a check frank. Grandpa did joko actually called michael by lack. I'm gonna miss some. Leon very sorry if i do michael essien in said what so. Many big plays content in all the the the great thing about that group of players in the group of plants that way. What can with now is you get to know. The individually is fantastic. Fantastic group of people very good at their jobs. Very grounded as well might. My guest evolved somewhat over the last fourteen years behind scenes really as i producers and given the chance to become repulsive presents a insult. Two thousand eleven two thousand twelve percent coincide. We've been lucky enough to go to the champions league final munich the festival to chesley to go in the second one. This year i was also given the opportunity to become the stadium announcer. a couple of years back which You scared the life out of me. But it's become just the best much on. I love daily. Unknown gonna love this podcast with you guys and getting to know you. As we continue only jennings has speaking of which friend and you're not my friend over to you. Let's hear a bit more about your background. How got involved was two thousand and four used to play for and one of my umass football teammates. Just what my but with chelsea and he would always scoring just drag bra. It's like to this day is still stuck in my head. It's crazy so i played our american football. I played the new york giants. The miami dolphins won a super bowl with the giants back in. Oh seven and that same year. We got a chance to go over and play at wembley stadium. We played the dolphins. That's crazy how that worked out. We also got a chance to go to kabul and we had.

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