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North Georgia when you shop at goodwill. You can always great variety in great prices this spring. It's the perfect place to go. Find your location at goodwill dot org. I Mike chilled stub USB. ESPN meteorologist Kirk knowledge. Accurate. Dependable forecast tonight a couple of isolated evening thunderstorms, ending early otherwise turning partly cloudy, low sixty two to sixty five tomorrow, a shower thunderstorm sixty percent likely during the day eighty percent at night Heidi too, low sixty five Sunday a forty percent chance of morning shower thunder shower decreasing clouds in the afternoon, high near eighty lows fifty five to fifty eight Monday sunshine, high eighty four lows fifty seven sixty to eighty three degrees at seven seven on Peachtree street. And with news on the hour the half. And when it breaks, I'm Veronica waters on Atlanta's exclusive twenty four hour. News, weather and traffic station. News ninety five five and AM seven fifty WSB depend on Tom glavin. And you're listening to the Mark Arum show. To be. I welcome back. Second hour of the Mark Arum show. You can hear it now. Monday through Friday, six to eight pm on news ninety five five AM seven fifty WSB. And when you get home.

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