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Now. SportsCenter all night game of the week, bills and Cardinals. Four man rush. Just gonna throw it bouncing around. Fires have found their left side cut by Beasley of the five into the end zone Touchdown Buffalo, He waited and waited and found Cole Beasley wide open. For the Buffalo touchdown snap to Murray, and he's gonna keep it off the left side of the tent half of five days in a pen, Tyler Mary and the double figures with rushing touchdowns on the season. The Cardinals have the lead some more. Very magic had State Farm Stadium. It's 25 23, Arizona. He's playing at a ridiculous level right now. Anything you have seen in the last few weeks after that first month. When we really settled in and Mason and tempo when he's thinking of the Bowman gray decisions with us with his feet with his arm, it's fun to watch the snap. Alan looks to his left fires left side in guilt to the end off step like that makes a catch. Touchdown, buffalo Down, Steph. I did catches a touchdown pass from Josh Allen 21 yards the go ahead touchdown, and it comes with 34 seconds left to play in the NFL. If the game's not over till it's over. Reminder, right? Especially when you know what that players are gonna want to side with calamari house have a trim them something from our defense, Just telling closed the game out and, you know, unfortunately, comes down to one play very back to throw flushed out rolling left in trouble slips a tackle Gotta launch it. He does play was designed for me to get Left Kattegat containing had to make him miss. And then it was funny. The sounds I felt like, you know, he's the one person I saw down there was hard left side into the end zone. Jump ball. And it is, is it caught? Does it cost to get it off? And then put that type of lost on and give him a chance. And my marriage point I can't see much just kept asking our guys did you catch it? Oh, my goodness. This song DeAndre Hopkins, Father Pete ever tucked down with one second left. I can't believe it. Song back there, you know, doing what you do making guys miss. I know I need to put myself in position became a way You gotta be joking. Me. Hopkins reaches up with three defenders around him Impose. It is intended hardness leading 32 30 quid a second left. I've never been a part of one of ourselves so kind of at a loss for words, but What a phenomenal play calls on. Arizona Sports. 98 7, The Buffalo Bills radio network cardinals.

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