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Killed named Ross Mitchell on Monday. Ross Hunt is his father. He tells our news gathering partners at Wish TV. He was just an amazing kid, man. He had a lot of spirit. He had a lot of heart. He was my everything. He was absolutely everything I had. Police have released surveillance video of who they believe the suspect could be that murdered Mitchell. You can see the video wi bc dot com Person shot and killed on Indy's Northside Tuesday night around six o'clock, there were several other shootings that happened after that one. But all of the victims in those cases survived the city of Indianapolis on pace to set a record for homicides and murders in 2021 President Biden getting a firsthand look at the damage caused by either On the East Coast Foxes Gurnal Scott from flooding in New Jersey that rose unbelievably, in many houses, Water height that went up in some cases almost to the windows of these homes to rapid waters that ravaged New York neighborhoods, overrunning basement apartments, testing the aging infrastructure. And taken lives, The president said. The effect of these storms will only get worse if the work isn't done to offset the effect of climate change. That's Fox's Gurnal Scott reporting. You probably wanted to travel there or maybe even been there before. But because of coronavirus, the CDC and the State Department are telling Americans not to travel to Jamaica. The CDC is raising Jamaica to a level four threats signifying very high covid levels. A deer was rescued from the waters of the Long Island Sound. Someone on a chartered fishing boat from New Rochelle spotted the animal struggling to swim several miles from shore. On Monday, crew members on the boat pulled the deer to safety. And brought it back to shore where it was released. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the going on w I b c dot com 6 33 Sports With SAM. Russia SPORTS ON WI BC is presented by prop Swap the number one APP to buy and sell sports bats. HAZERS Forward T. J. Warren will remain out indefinitely with a stress fracture in his foot that cost him almost all of last season. Team said his surgically repaired left foot is healing, but not at the pace previously anticipated or in talked in May about the frustration of suffering a major injury. I just know it's cast off forever, and then so has come out, so just looking forward to that. The Indianapolis Cultural East, their first unofficial depth chart ahead of Sunday season opener against the Seahawks. Eric Fisher was listed as the starting left tackle despite not fully practicing since suffering a torn Achilles in January, and the Indianapolis Indians opened up a road trip in Louisville with 11 to 4 win over the bats. I'm Sam Room support WI BC sports Now Traffic.

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