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The last game on sunday and that was a rematch of a rematch the saints hosting the panthers inside the super tome and these two teams so familiar with one another that's the the challenge of playing you division opponent in the post season a they're not intimidated by your atmosphere they go there at least once a year right so that the panthers don't care about the superdome and how loud it is they're used to it they've been there before they know what to expect but also no love lost the personnel so familiar with one another hard to come up with the wrinkles and so to have these two teams on the field and to know how difficult it is to beat an opponent three times in one year to be able to outgun alcoa and i mean all those things yearly here you're trying to be more cunning and you're trying to come up with different ways to beat them in the case of the panthers defense though they had to pick one they had to pick either stopping drew brees or stuffing the run and it became pretty obvious right away what they were doing they were taking away morgan graham they were taking away alvin era and they get it well credit that panthers front seven that defense is always tough in physical they've been good for so long one of the most consistent units in the nfl over the course of what the last six seven years it feels like uh they chose the stuff the run and they did it well this season because so much of the focus has been on chimera an ingram and chimera i mean i've heard from a lot of people who actually have votes for the rookie of the year who say that they have cast their vote for him kamerhe ingram each went for fifteen hundred yards from the line of scrimmage this year no other running backs in history have ever done that in the same season for the same team and so with easy to forget what drew brees is capable of it's easy to to think i mean he's he's the third option maybe with the fourth option by the defense now well the safety bent has played roy not really actually rod rivera thank you for wigan but the thing is with drew brees when you take away the rhine your obviously going to.

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