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Odd gigs, saving money staying with family and figuring out what the fuck to do with his life, his brother Kimball eventually followed him over Alon enrolled at the Queen's University in Kingston Ontario in late Nineteen eighty-nine, a university that he had picked out because it had more hot chicks than the other school was considering. Cable Owners Yeah. I mean I was eighteen, and that's pretty normal decision making just make it good. But it isn't weird. I think what's really weird. Is the idea that like a particular area has hotter people than another area and making decisions based on that? As if like that, some kind of it's not good, but it is. Bail. Science is just like dig Ian's you know like doesn't make any sense, but when you're hard, you're like yeah, no, that means all of a sudden. Go you go to school the hot chicks. I'M GONNA. Follow this job this Boehner. Do it. Yeah, it is yeah. So according to Musk's biography quote, his studies alum would read the newspaper alongside Kimball, and the two of them would identify interesting people that they would like to meet. They then took turns cold, calling these people to ask if they were available to have lunch among the harassed was the head of marketing for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, a business writer for the Globe and Mail in a top executive at the Bank of Nova Scotia. Peter Nicholson Nicholson. Remember the boys call. Well. I was not in the of getting out of the blue requests. He said I was perfectly prepared to have lunch. Lunch with a couple of kids that had that kind of gumption. It took six months to get on Nicholson's calendar, but sure enough the must brothers made the three hour train ride and showed up on time Nicholson's first exposure to the must brothers left him with an impression. Many would share both presented themselves well, and we're polite. Alonzo clearly came off as the Geeky or more awkward counterpoint to the charismatic personable Kimball. I've became more impressed in fascinated as I talked to them, Nicholson said they were so determined, Nicholson ended up offering Ilana a summer internship at the bank and became his trusted advisor. Keep that in mind, too, because he launched this guy later for no good reason, Yeah, That's NEAT I guess like. I. It does like this actually kind of gets to what you're saying. That kibbles the charismatic one he definitely is. Not a high bar, but this does get to like another thing in talking about the nature of privilege because I'm sure Eli thinks about that. As an example of like how he went out and seized life in didn't benefit from privilege, but like there's a privilege in knowing how to talk to rich fancy business people because you grew up in that world, and you do understand what they expect in our impressed by Like it's a kind of privilege that not everybody grows up getting like the fact that and that's the thing that like. Even though his dad didn't make that connection for him, his background and upbringing helped him make that connection, and that is kind of a an a level of privilege. We don't talk about as much as we ought to. Because it is a little bit less obvious. yeah I. Think any kind.

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