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Episode is brought to you by the penny low for we're also brought to you by Street Cry. Hell, yeah. And homeless person. Very nice. Yeah. Of course, we could also be brought to you by capital city, which is what we will get to in this episode. We of course, talking about the episode Danson Homer. This is the fifth episode of the second season of the Simpsons. It originally aired November eighth nineteen ninety. It was written by Ken LeVine and David ISAACs. And it was directed by. Mike Kirkland jab Mike his first episode that he ever directed. Oh, how nice good for him. Good. I'm happy four year old my Kirkland, and the sure nurse at the time. We're James L Brooks. Matt graining, end SAM's. I'm in them. Was just watching that stamps made an appearance I was watching something, and he was in it, and it was very funny to see him because I don't think he's necessarily known as like he's most that was very funny because that's the Sam Simon and totally was, but it's not interesting unless I know the actual thing it's from. Of some sort of got to get to the bottom of this damn it was it might have been Seinfeld. It was something it was. It was something. It doesn't matter. Like, the answer to everything that you can't quite trace. It might have been cited Seinfeld because I feel like it's sort of a a broken clock. You know? It's right. Fifty percent of twice the time. I don't know. I just botched my own phrase. It matter. Nothing matters. Look at how we run the world. And the government is everything is based on a bald face lie. You know? So you mess up some information that you heard somewhere zillion years ago. Don't worry about it. Oh, well, you know, what let's let's jump in on that note that night Listrik note kind of. Optimistic nihilism, which I think is a very healthy combination to have. So that foist. Oh, you are listener may know, you know, our guest is the voice of Renan stimpy Imran. We wouldn't they? You. Kiddle? Happening, but it is delightful all the same. I got more. Doug funny on Doug. I have a buddy this is funny. And, you know, welcome to buffington you one stop for this sort of thing. And number voices on futurama any of your pick. Oh. How you shot me in the sperm? Perfect, including doctors Berg, darkness REI. Berg who wants to eat with me. Nobody. That branagan. She's a beautiful ship. All right. I'm gonna fly her brains out, and we already got a little bit of Frye. Yes. Please this show Billy whizz high so excited to have you on the show that was amazing already off to the races. Yeah. We'll you have good energy. You guys good? We bringing our twenty nineteen first of the year. And we're obviously starting out very strong because you are here in the us. For us. We recently got to have marines Lamarche on the show. If you haven't listened to that episode, definitely listen to it. I think it's one of the best episodes we've ever done on the show, and I would love to learn that he's your sworn enemy very wonderful for us to start a few. There isn't one voice actor versus voice actor. Oh, well, you know what? That's if it's based on real stuff..

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