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And his former military chief Benny Gaunt's locked in a race in which no winners been declared learning from the exit polls that this is a race. It is still too close to call some of those exit. Polls showing that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trailing from as much as one to four seats behind Benny gone and others. He is tied ABC's Donald Miller in Jerusalem under by partisan push back against his immigration, shake, President Trump's at he's not looking to revive the family separation Bala at the southern border at the same time, though, he suggested the policy had worked deter migrants coming into the US. He did not offer any evidence to back the claim Chicago's icon. A Johnson publishing company is filed for bankruptcy liquidation. For decades, ABC owned ebony and jet magazines that help change the image of black people portrayed by US media. Richard cantu. AB? And I'm with my friend that good Greek Spiro, of course of good Greek moving and storage, you used to be a police officer. So security's a big deal to you. Absolutely. Yes. I've utilized all of my knowledge from being a police officer in the way of hiring processes betting, employee's making sure that the people we serve to your home are safe and clean and reliable. I hear from everybody who has moved with good creek Spiro. You are the best from the person who answers the telephone to the guy who shows up at your door, the packing, the moving even if they need storage, right or absolutely. I we've got a brand new facility. It's climate controlled high level of security. You know, we strive to be the best. We want to be the leaders in the industry. Joyce. It's.

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