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All right. I would be the Tennessee Titans because Mike Grable's is an old friend. Even though don't return text messages anymore. Hey, coach! Come on, man. Don't big Don't big league is I got pictures on then. Okay, then Arthur Smith is offensive coordinators of Georgetown Prep alone. Prep pride, man. You gotta love it. So I go. I go with Titan because of the ties and with Shaun Evans is our guy. For me. He wasn't an athlete. To this day. I still can't stand him. Whitey Herzog, manager, the Sables Cardinals. What a pain in the you know what he was all the time. I could never, ever root for him, and I had him on the show one time, and I told him that and he goes as a Mets fan, he said. I get it, but Whitey Herzog just couldn't do it. Couldn't do it. We have to talk during the break hers on Hillary. Really about his hatred for ESPN. No way. Oh, I can't. By the way, I have asked Mitchell immediately was like who is that? I know you didn't know Devin? No, he doesn't. I'm not surprised by that. Devon is too young for his own good. He just graduated kindergarten. Exactly. See, Devon has the look of stuff. All you and I have to do is remember. Yeah. Freddy made this playlist today and I immediately he's like, what do you think? And I'm like, I think Devon's gonna be confused. Half a league half of his head almost blew off its axis. A. I recognize two of them so far. That was too more than I thought. Deb. Tackling long division, Right? Don't wait too long girl. Still way too, young man. For those who don't know there's an inside joke about that long division crack, But if it's if it's Yes, Vaid o My goodness. Easy If it Simmons on Freddy, Cover the old head soon, Freddy and Fitz Simmons, We're gonna give you five the number of plus one that gonna is gonna put more money in your pocket by Monday..

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