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Equal opportunity housing provider carf accredited 9 18 traffic and weather on the 8th let's go to Rick McClure in the traffic center All right let's take you back around the capitol beltway still running well through Montgomery and prince George's counties on the Maryland side and nothing happened on the rie side of Virginia side that is Maryland I two 70 95 BW Parkway route 50 no problems go across the bay bridge three lanes west two lanes east across the bay and gave this road watch for some extra volume along both sides of proper road tonight as you make your way towards Seneca creek state park for the winter lights festival is also a light festival in prince George's county in Largo had Watkins regional parks might get some slowdowns heading in and out of the park toward a route two O two and Watkins park drive Had a crash up in Germantown along Germantown road near darnstown road and can make the just checked in with a crash over upper Marlboro along southbound route three O one after central avenue near trait zone avenue with one of the vehicles involved off the roadway on long left side Police are there sorting things out along south ballroom three O one and up in Marlborough set over to Virginia 66 three 95 95 GW Parkway all free and clear and police are with the crash reported in Alexandria affecting southbound route one near sacramental drive Rick McClure TLP traffic Clay Anderson with storm team four We will be changing our weather dramatically as far as precipitation is concerned and our temperatures.

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