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Buddy, one seventeen. Let's so shut Jeff when he's able to go up tempo. Now, Georgia's plan very much different coverage tried to avoid the big play. But he got one there on the break on the deflection yard touchdown. You just said. Exactly what they're playing their safety to the corners up to the giving you that medium ranged up. But he looked at that time. He three really nice passes that got lucky there with the bounce Datino twenty two on the day for one hundred ninety three yards. But ultimately Kentucky gotta get back to rush being able to run the football. They could last week very, well they haven't been able to. Day. Steamed identity, and we are told from relation bungee stallings will not have to sit the first half next week. Only here he is west because his targeted. Punchy was disqualified but before. A different infraction. They'll be able to start at the beginning. But not married. Mckenna's is high and five yards deep in the end zone of Georgia. Brian touchback? All three drives in this half. But. If if he has to stop turnover nine oh one still. Now, you're exactly right in the defense rise up to the occasion. It has been heart today by the big run. It hasn't been the passing game with the running game of Georgia. That's done in the cats. Hoskins Bohana and part of the three four Kentucky. Daniela Jones behind. Three four to start the stripe from under center. Holyfield the beat back. That's the call running left. A big hole comes out close to the first down tackle left. Lonnie johnson. Dante Robinson combined again it down our football. Yeah. They're not doing anything out of the ordinary. Pulling anybody, they're not trapping. They're just solid blocking downfield. We go. Hoskins? Josh Allen there on that side. And what smart very smart yelling at his quarterback? Look at the clock. And now he just stands. There is a clock clicks down. Tackling that side is can we six six three thirty five. Dr. Attack six five three twenty from under center. As it with Holyfield dancing. The whole gets the first down. Shifted his feet around. Find a way to get across the thirty five to thirty seven for the I stand on his side. Kentucky player down. Badie Lonnie Johnson said single number eight or six. Beattie? He's best cornerback. It's been a very physical Georgia team today has. Tom. I thought that possibly this week. We could see we've heard this for the last couple of weeks. He is practicing with the team again, Josh Pasco might play but not in uniform still a little ways away or take a time out. We'll.

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