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I feel like the distraught as combatant. Maybe combat's not the right word but for me the greatest sense of independence that I feel is when I'm building a robust economic engine for 's okay. So here's what I would say. I would say that there are a lot of forces at play to your question Abou- millennials. How much is self induced? How much is it? Marketing Marketing Works. And you know as I reflect on it like I've been you know so I hope the TV show and you know it's international extreme than eight degrees and you know brain ambassador for big automobile company. I guess overall this time like I have been fortunate to sit in boardrooms where people are devising. You know campaigns that they know based on data will influence hundreds of thousands. Ideally millions of people. So like I'm just like more and more sensitive to the fact that like marketing is devised and it doesn't necessarily like it's tied to financial incentive for these entities because they're publicly traded companies and their value goes up. Every every day is a stock cleanser falls. So I don't know I feel like I've got to take a peek behind the curtains and I'm realizing you know for me. I feel like the best thing I can do is build something for myself and for my family that I know can't be taken away. Yes and do you feel that finding that balance between participating in consumerism as a consumer but also building wealth or generational wealth like? We like to call that often. You know things that will remain even after we go was striking that balance. Something that came naturally to you or did you find that you were taking the time to improve your financial literacy and taking time to speak to folks who were investing in property because you wanted to get a property. Because I think that we don't really talk enough about that and we don't necessarily learn about it at school and so you know when I do speak to. People who are building portfolio is investing in Property Building Funds. Investing their companies. I just like to know about how they got more knowledgeable about that because I think it's available to everyone. Yeah it's a good point. Mike Ernie into this was certainly not like came easy to me kind of thing. You're not left school my first semester. I Left College. And don't come from an affluent family and so didn't have resources or people close to you that you could just ask but I think what would that does afford you when you come for very different life experiences. Maybe you don't take a lot of those things for granted and you know not. Every person that comes from. My background is prompted to be interested in this. But you know people have different influences and passions and so forth so for me. It was just like the rice seed.

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