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References you might wanna check out revenge is justified by Michigan author, Tom. Lawlor revenge is justified block concerns itself with bullying and the ultimate bullying a mob. Boss calls for a hit on one, man. But mistakenly kills the man's wife and his best friend's husband. But what goes around comes around as the two survivors make it their lifelong mission to get back at the man who ordered the hit. They do it in an unconventional way. And surprisingly a nonviolent one by attempting to infiltrate the mob bosses drug smuggling operation to drain his Bank accounts and his fortune. What happens next is the backdrop for this fun and compelling read and the name of the book, again is revenge is justified written by Tom Lawlor jot down the title, you can find it on Amazon dot com. The fall season is here. Enjoy the shorter days and cooler temperatures with a great read revenge is justified by Michigan author, Tom Lawlor. We got the best of the week coming up here before where before long at some point. You'll hear volunteers his teammate real quick sure about how he walked out on. All right. Go ahead. You've seen anything like that. And you're gonna never seen it ever. Pop Warner high-school. College pros never heard of it never seen it. Completely disrespecting went to his teammates. Yeah. There was no love lost. Also coming up a woman who reported on the opioid epidemic for a long time. And then discovered that her daughter died of an overdose opioid epidemic and these overdoses with kids. Good kids kids from good neighborhoods backgrounds as well as from tough neighborhoods and backgrounds. It makes it makes no distinction. And it's something that really needs to be talked about we are going to do that on the other side of this. News breaks seven sixty WJR seven sixty WJR news. Marie Osborne congresswoman, Debbie Dingle, says her husband just didn't feel very good last night today at his regular cardiologists appointment tests were run, and it's appears that he gets suffered a heart attack. Further testing is needed while they're in the process of evaluating everything. I think it's likely they're going to get a Katherine. They're talking about doing a heart catheterization. You know, I don't tell anybody, but everything has side effects at this age. It's it's hard. So we'll see where we're going congresswoman Debbie Dingle says her husband, though, is in good spirits tonight. President Trump says it's okay, if a Senate confirmation vote for supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh is delayed briefly in an effort to deal with an allegation of sexual assault. The FBI has gone through a process six times with him over the years where he went to higher and higher positions. He is somebody very special at the same time. We want to go through a process. We wanna make everything is perfect. Everything is just right. The union representing the more than four thousand U of M, nurses, has authorized a work stoppage of up to three days, the nurses protesting what they're saying are ongoing and continuous violations of their workplace rights, the University Health system says that any kind of strike could put safe patient safety at risk. The city of an Arbor has confiscated nearly two dozen bird scooters for violating a city ordinance. These scooters according to the city were improperly parked on bicycle lanes and city streets or on sidewalks, currently eighty two degrees..

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