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Sixty pounds of equipment and protection fire information officer Chris Harvey, is going to be a. Very, dynamic day on the fire line and the possibility of very explosive and dangerous fire behavior so still a lot of a battle ahead of us lanes are bursting out in. All directions with containment remaining minimal for. The past several. Days at about five percent to firefighters. Dead a woman and her two young grandchildren killed. In her burn down house Dr Michael man, professor of atmospheric science at. Penn State says there may be affects in the US of Arctic climate change. Those changing conditions in the Arctic are actually changing weather down here in the United States because it modifies. The characteristics of the. Jet stream and our. Own, research suggests that, that warming in the Arctic in the changes it's. Causing, the jet stream Mm-hmm are leading to these stalled weather patterns President Trump just tweeted that the news media is, being driven insane by what he calls Trump derangement syndrome saying reporting on internal deliberations of government. Puts lives at risk and that the media is under reporting positive things about the economy and his administration to the question of are. There more recordings of President Trump on the over one hundred seized by the FBI from Trump attorney Michael Kohn current Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says the president's voices on the only one, released there are twelve others maybe eleven or twelve others out of the. Hundred and eighty, three in which the president is discussed at any length by Cohen mostly with reporters Juliani on CBS face. The nation President Trump tweets a threat to Democrats that if they don't vote for immigration policies he wants and for his wall he'll shut. Down the government some Republican lawmakers say they oppose that you're listening to ABC, news for.

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