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Is going to call the 60minute broadway and i was debating on actually editing it to the second oh that at sixty minutes the bell would ring and we'd stop no matter what midsentence and then we decided against that because it would be a editing nightmare because in we'd be forced to go at least an hour flood yeah but uh jerko originally approached me because i used to do uh a biweekly show on the observer site with brian alvarez and he obviously wanted a little more color and flavor to it and i had reached out to don callous any way because we have good rapport so we started with the show and drops every tuesday on podcast one apple podcast whatever they call i tunes now and we talk current wrestling to a certain extent as well as you know some old stories we do either retro he cw uh we've been going through a ninety nine were dawn and i are both nec w or a a new segment where we pick a really awesome at a really awful match and look at them both uh with a connection others women's match or it's a tag team match some kind of common thread where we look back it really great wrestling and really bad wrestling which is fun and we have guests occasionally we didn't want to be an interview show because neither one of us at the time i was traveling much and trying to get guests on skype and get guests that are better than the ones that you get on austin jim rosser jerko show a work going to be as easy to do so we decided to depend on our uh oddcouple dynamic somewhat and talking about current product and trying to make it a bit of a at times a phd level of course we talk about the insides of the business and educate people or we told rules wrote stories and entertain people and hopefully find a balance uh were down the middle and we do manage.

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