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And she was able to dance out of the way every time often batting away a bolder like a tennis ball the troll on top flying off and onto the ground. Said pin smiling page was knocking all the boulders back expanding the light pushing the darkness back. She's really doing. It said Finn. You were right, Pimm. You call the right hero. Not so fast said volley. Page was busy knocking away boulders and didn't see the two trolls on top of boulders were coming straight for her one on each side Finn tried to warn her. But she couldn't hear anything over the sound of the giant stones has the trolls closed patient, see them at all. They were within just a foot of crashing into her patient lipped in the boulder slammed into each other. Throwing the trolls off in cracking the stones. Splitting them right down the middle. So they couldn't be rolled anymore page swept the trolls away with their tail intern smiling at the explorers. Hey, look out cried Elias a giant boulder. This time were no troll on top came careening toward page. She rolled out of the way just in time. But another boulder was on its way page panicked jumped up and ran away from the trees toward the mountain. Where's she going said fin driving her out said Pimm now, the explorers crash through the trees and dodging? Trolls ran out to see Abigail carry two buddies one under each arm page was galloping along the base of the mountain. It had been a trap. The trolls had forced her out of the light into the shadow of the mountain. And now they're rolling boulders. What after another down the steep slope page trying to outrun them as they came down the mountain faster and faster she tried to go left away from the mountain. But an army of trolls had formed a wall. They're forcing her to keep running law in the mountains base. We need to get over there and helper said. Finn every time page took one leap forward. Another boulder came crashing toward her. If she let back the trolls would release another one behind her Bush me up said fin what civilize boost you up where here said fin he picked up a foot in allies volley lace their fingers together. Finn stepped onto their heads. And put one foot on a license shoulder. Now, cried fin allies in violate lifted up. He climbed on top of one of the boulders that now having roll down. The mountain was standing still he hopped from that boulder to the next one running and jumping as fast as he could to try to get the page. What's he gonna do? Was it gets there set allies? I dunno said volley some fence stuff, I guess Finn was getting closer to page who is now running in circles trying to dodge all the bowlers coming crashing down. At her a boulder slammed into the one fin was standing on. And the troll that had been rolling. Him left to grad fins ankles fin barely caught his ballots at jump to the next boulder only. This one wasn't standing still. It's still had his momentum from rolling down the mountain has so Finn pedaled his feet is quickly as he could running on top of the boulder. Oh, sit Abigail to fainted bunnies. Interarms vins not that fast of a runner. But Finn was running fast faster than you ever had before. Because the trolls were now atop their boulders at rolling them after him page now surrounded by giant rocks was jumping up at batting away. Trolls with her paws and her tail she was breathing heavily in fin concede. She was getting tired come on paid said fin under his breath as he ran atop the boulder driving it toward her as fast as he could just hold out a little longer page was spinning and leaping and knocking away. Every troll that came at her. She left in the air Justice been God close and Finn jumped ready to grab onto his giant lion. Sisters back and get out of there. In pages. Lion is looked fit straighten the humid is and then she batted him away. Across the boulders and down to the ground. How said Finn as he landed on his back. Sorry, yell page. Leaping over to him. I was in the zone. I thought you were troll Finn got up and dusted himself off. It's okay. Said fin you've probably been waiting a long time to do that. But page didn't laugh the accident had taken her off her game. And now the trolls had them surrounded..

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