Partner, Senator Joel Anderson, Delaware discussed on Delaware News at noon with Allan Loudell


Major step toward treating h iv as a public health issue instead of treating people living with hiv as criminals as though somebody living with hiv is the same as somebody who has transmitted hiv to a partner without telling them you know there's a matter of intent here right isn't there there's a matter of intent i mean you know if you have hiv that you'll be living with this for the rest of your life sure they're looking for cures but they have not found one it's it's it's managed republican lawmakers including senator joel anderson of alpine voted against the bill and i'm just wondering which makes more sense to you that democratic point of view of the liberal point of view which says oh well infecting some of the hiv without their knowledge there's just a misdemeanor now at most make get a couple months in jail may be here on because the medicine allows you to live longer now listen that not live long and fruitful life one without you know the worry of will i am i going to get full blown aids and die no but the expense of medicine allows you to live longer so it's not that big a deal to knowingly infect somebody without telling them and they say it nearly eliminates the possibility of transmission okc of the democratic point of view the republican point of view is this i'm of the mine says senator joel anderson that if you purposefully inflict another with a disease that alters their lifestyle for the rest of their life puts them on a regiment of medications to maintain any kind of normalcy aid should be a felony personally i would have quite dissed too somebody getting someone else addicted to opioids or harassment without them knowing it and then oh well how could you do that may be yours woken potter doors other nails and and you put it in there right upstate 510 i would've won seven douse eight eight three nine one zero five nine this is stunning i mean just listened to the concept they've passed a bill removing the serve tissues transmission of hiv and aids to an unwitting partner from the list of felonies so i i was doing some research on delaware as you know what's alike in delaware if you do this there is no explicit statute that i can find anywhere and i went to the code i went through attorneys analyses of.

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