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Back and Jamie and Oliver are finally going to meet up. They've traded secrets and dreams. They've stayed up late on the phone talking about life. They've exchanged countless emails. And they've missed each other on two continents and now they're back in the same orbit. They can an absolutely will meet in real life at starbucks. Which again was like a forbidden place to go because Mormons don't drink coffee and I drifted the starbucks. And I'm like so scared because like oh my gosh. I'm walking into a starbucks and I'm a Byu student. And whatever and Has the first time I saw him. He was sitting at a table in the corner. And a you're gorgeous and I was so and and I was so nervous and this is like you. Have you have to imagine like at this point. I'm a twelve thirteen year old teenager going through the motions of dating for the first time and I sat down and I ordered a mint tea because I was a law abiding. Byu student so I had my My herbal tea and I sat there and and I thought we'll have plenty of time. Whatever and we ended up talking the entire day I skipped my voice lesson. I skipped everything the entire there. I know the entire day I sat there talking with him and just exchanging and it was. It was so effortless that there was no like. Oh well okay. I don't know where to go next. I don't know what to say next. And sometimes there was silence or pauses but those positive didn't feel uncomfortable. It was just like all right. Let's be quiet for a minute or two. And it didn't matter and I remember the sweetest thing that I like. The first physical contact I had with him. I was holding my Mint Tea Cup and he grabbed my finger and held my finger. Just like I guess someone would hold someone's hand but he just held my finger and he said I'd really like to see you again. I wish I could describe it. And it wasn't like again. It was so it wasn't even like he grabbed my hand. He literally grabbed my index finger and held. Its between his fingers and I wish I could explain what it feels like pets one of those things. You only know what it feels like actually happens to you the best way. I can describe it as I hope it happens to you. Some time and that you'll feel it you'll know what it feels like Oliver.

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