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Sadly, we would probably not all be transformed into incredible hulks. The life that did manage to survive. The initial burst would have a rough time of it afterward gamma radiation is particularly good at burning away. The ozone layer the protective blanket of three atoms that reflects most of the sun's radiation when flooded with energetic gamma rays, those three molecules destabilize and those own layer would deteriorate leaving earth exposed to the full brunt of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. UV from the sun can be bad enough with the full ozone layer without it. It would be utterly catastrophic. The intensity of the UV would prove too much for even photosynthesis in plants. So following the blueprints of the KT extinction. In a matter of days or weeks, the bottom of the food chain would collapse and everything else above it would starve as a result. The oceans to be crippled by the increase in UV. It would destroy the plankton that makes up the basis of the marine food webs. The effect be pronounced enough that a game. Ray burst is considered to be able to sterilize a planet close enough in its path. And it's possible that the earth has experienced them before one theory for the or division extinction. Four hundred and forty million years ago is that earth got in the way of gamma Ray bursts? As majestically dangerous as they are gamma Ray bursts happened in the universe. Once a day at least, well, that's how often we noticed them since the nineteen sixties I should say humans have been aware of supernova for thousands of years. First noting the appearance of bright new stars in China almost two thousand years ago, but we spent the entire lifespan of our species up until the nineteen sixties blissfully unaware that invisible death rates went off in our universe. At all. It was all because of the Cold War that we ever found them in nineteen sixty three the US, the US us our and Great Britain signed a treaty banning nuclear detonations in the atmosphere underwater or in outer space, but we didn't precisely trust our comrades. And so the US launched a satellite capable of detecting large sudden spikes in nuclear radiation, and the satellite founder, but it wasn't from nuclear tests that satellite provided the first evidence of gamma-ray birth. Since then we've found that. They are extremely common stars claps all the time. It seems. The universe is full of rocks and collapsing stars and gamma-ray bursts. Which by the way can also form from two black holes merging or from the hiccup of an exotic and frightening type of star called the magnitude type of dwarf star made of nickel it's been hundreds of times per second. And produces the strongest magnetic field in the universe. This dangerous place there. I mean, the the universe is is has gone no care for life on earth. And and I think that it's worth remembering that when you look up in the nice guy when it's looks very peaceful and static. And and it's dangerous..

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