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I R right now over there at Fenway nation is stay tuned for her how to cheer and figuring out a chair because some of you definitely need to figure it out. You got a lot of clouds out there. Not knowing exactly how to cheer you want to jeer at least do it right at least Jere about the right things. And like your Jere of telling Jose Reyes to retire. I love that just retire leave. Nobody wants you here at all. But Allen thank you so much for being on the show with us. We'll definitely have you back again. And we might have to have you in on at the same time for thinking that for. Inside the actors they've. Homeland reunion fantastic we shot actually in the same studios that turn was end. So turn left and then homeland came into those studios is a sort of like weird six degrees of Ian situation. Two more actors or actresses, and we can have an actual like fantasy baseball actors and actresses draft come in. I would like to be part of that just to get beaten up by a bunch of actors and actresses on fun UB's fries DB's price. I've actually e-ends home league. I had an auction here for that in five weeks. Now, it's hard for chief. Everything's coming out. It's it's so close. It's fantastic. Like, I said tonight for me is really the official official start of the fantasy baseball season because we put football in the rear view. I know some ego. You'll love it. And that's fine. We clown on it every once in a while here, but it's put to bed tonight and baseball takes center stage. And I am very excited. I don't know. Exactly. When this I'll go up, and it'll depend when Justin can get it to me versus when I can put it up. So somebody might be hearing this on Monday after the Super Bowl. But I hope you'll have a good evening and just you and I will talk later this week to finish our third. Ace preview and Jason hopefully, we join you again next Sunday and Ellen. Thank you again for being on y'all have a good one. Thanks..

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