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Retired the side on only eight pitches, and that set a tone that he's kept. Going most of the night. There's a slow roller towards third, charging with a bareheaded pick up Darius was a bad throw into the dirt and white of the bag deflected by Brandon about safety first is Harrison with Hannah going around 1/3. Well, I think they're gonna give a face. It may be in the care of the play, with Tabata, giving over to third base. And so a bit of irony. There's various came into the game way expect he came into the game for defense. And he made a nice barehanded pickup on that slow roller. And in the all or nothing throw to first on the ball, almost Come out of his hand just before he re grabbed it and make the throw. His arm is already in the throwing motion. And then he threw it in the dirt wide of the bag. So it is a hit and an error chances, made two errors in the last two batters Here is Jordy Mercer, who takes a strike. Swings and pops it up foul. Out of play off to the right straight to Mercer is open to open three in the game woulda at third base, and this is the first time in this game that the Pirates have gotten a runner to third days. Giantsbullpen now with Sergio Romo and Hunter Strickland and both up couple of right handers. Bumgarner throwing high fastball taken by Mercer spins away from it. One and two. I'm gonna on top. One out runners at first and third. The pitch Carmine, the dirt struck him out swinging. And how many have there been of those tonight? For a strike three swinging by the Pirates on a curveball in the dirt. I know of at least four breaking ball is really the best. Breaking ball. We see them have the wild. He came out the first inning. And he let the Pirates know that he had command of every pitch that curveball or that breaking ball that he had the slider and the curve, both breaking balls a bit electric. So here is.

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