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The the guy a little. Oh yeah jeff straw is that what was that his name. I thought it was mike something. That's mike elmore. He's voice guy. Now yeah he did some stuff with us towards the end and then stuck with us for. Mg live and he's amazing. Yeah he's kinds of real stuff to besides the ship. Yeah he did yeah. He does like commercials and video games and all that stop by jeff's trod with our first guy or straub or strode or whatever that's like he's real he's like that what he call the guy from scream the caller by what you did last summer got one. Okay no no. That's right moving july scary movies. I'm gonna fill mytalk now. Yeah talk out and nobody say anything. Because i don't want context right making people think that you know i'm bigger right on a big right. Yeah he's filming has His talk now. That visser talking leaky and the camera right. He has a camera. And that's the first time i've been on. Talk me gary go talk. i'm scared. You took my data sums up the last fifteen years of my life right there so i was thinking you know. Still your dance moves. Yeah we had update about us but we didn't get an update from you. Michael what have you been up to. Three years ago asked three years ago today. Tragic scooter accident that that totally changed my point of view on life. Can we get the truth about this. What really happens he was really iowa's i went over a manhole cover lost my balance. He was looking for men and fell over. Yeah i fell in a manhole. We were at a gay club. The night before i was at clubs sodom and gabor and god was striking down. He said no more gay clubs for you just a few weeks ago. all right. So let's get into these old clips. Great these are these are in bad. I felt some good ones so this one. We played actually not too long ago. Best so you voided the ones that would get you with the sites of canceled culture right. Yeah these have been vetted They all have a stamp of approval on him. I don't talk about your mom in any of them. Do no but that would have been good. I forgot about all those clips. Now she has him on her phone. She's doing all right. It's got a growth on her back. I don't know what that's all about. But that's a whole another thing high anti vaccine now. She's thinking about getting nasty really. Yeah what should it call me. We'll talk about all right. So this one's titled the bad word. I have no idea what this word is. He amazes me. You know you give the guy. Credit he talked about he has no talent. He has nothing the man is. He's a dancer. I have no room to talk there. But i mean because i can't dance put my goodness. He's dumb as a box of rocks and yet we're all sitting here talking about him. And he's got jennifer who kids with britney spears and now he's hanging out waiting out arguably beautiful women in the world. Yeah bridge is a total. You know what. Now the only thing i think of is. Maybe it was douche. Kabeer demands a total. The one said the word. Yeah oh i wait now. that was somebody else. I'm just kidding. I'm blaming you i was wholesome sir. I'm thinking maybe. I don't know though did now. Is that a bad word. Well yeah can we look up and see if we have to edit what is off. Maybe we didn't vet all these clips. I'm i'll look it up. Go to urban dictionary dot com. It will put a silencer on it. Goes here's here's a description of it. A word to describe. This is another spelling of it. We're describing individual who has shown themselves to be very brain. Listen one way or another. Is that douche. Pretty sure stu medical device got what you got you gotta remember. We're looking at this up on urban dictionary at the time so true a medical device. I don't think they have on there. You you gotta read it out go ahead. We did that a lot to a new to the mic. That's cool. No i did. I just didn't put it in the right context yes. He thought silence every time that we said the word. You silence it and that'll be a secret of the show only ask for will ever know who you're talking about. Nobody care cares nobody remembers. It's gotta be douche right. I'm pretty sure it was dish. All right this one. I don't think you're out dub. But james and i are interviewing Crystal khalil both. I wasn't behind the mic. It has to be one of the better clips there definitely was. We're interviewing crystal clear a khalil for mob days of our lives or something. I don't know. And i decided that. I wanted her to do a bit. I wanted to record my outgoing. Voicemail on my voicemail and this is awful and i thought it was gonna be funny. Plus i also thought. Have this hot chick from you know this soap. Opera all my voicemail. How cool is that. A lot of stuff. Going on my mazing. Nice this lady while you're sitting in a youth pastors laptop feet up on the desk. If she had any idea who she was talking to like she would have just been the mixed. Pot mixers literally sitting on piles of paper and important documents. I want to do something real quick. I don't know i've never done this before. But i've always i always forget everytime. I have celebrity or something on the show. I i haven't really crappy voicemail on my voicemail. And so i thought if they could just record when formula and then they can plug whatever they're on like. Hey this is crystal and watch me on young and the restless whatever time whatever networks on and i just wanna see if that extra publicity. Yeah it's extra publicity for you guys. See i'm thinking about you when i do it. As plus i'm too lazy to record my own voicemail. Okay you wanna hang on for one second. Try to figure out how to do this. If it doesn't work then i'm not even worry about it. What do i say this is michael phone. Sure just just be creative. Micheals phone works. What show is it on by. I mean what is what time your time. Eleven thirty okay. So that's probably what At one thirty our time your call have been forwarded to message system nine seven not..

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