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Taylor Jones. The winner from 33 down. They beat the Indianapolis Colts. The rich eisen show. This might be one of the dumbest teams I've ever seen. The ending was probably the most insane ending. I think I've ever been a part of. Earlier on the show. NFL network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah, coming up. Your phone calls, latest news, and more, and now. It's rich I said. Our number two of the rich eisen show is on the air 8 four four two O four rich number to dial Daniel Jeremiah, my compadre from the NFL network and he also calls chargers games locally. We just spent a great hour in studio with us, and I started the show by hammering down on the weekend as a whole. I mean, look, I know coming on the air after an NFL weekend, the idea is let me choose this one game you're talking about or that two game parlay, if you will, but didn't go your way that you're talking about, you know? I know usually we come on the air. I try to put a couple of thoughts together for you. But to me, the story of the weekend was the weekend as a whole. I mean, that really was it. And that's the way I started the show if you missed it. We just posted something on our Twitter feed. Also, there's our YouTube page, and then there is, of course, the Roku channel re airing is over and over again and our video on demand, the rich eisen show has a video on demand service for you, which we're greatly appreciative of our friends at Roku to put it all together for us. I know we haven't discussed the poll question, Chris, but I'd like to figure this out. Most disappointing weekend, okay? Okay. Cowboys. Cowboys. You got to put them on there, TJ. Rich, we made the playoffs. We're in the playoffs. I know we did feel good about it. Oh my God. Gotta put the cowboys there, and let me just tell you why. Okay, let me just tell you why. That defense is no pass rush right now. They couldn't get the Davis mills or Jeff Driscoll or Trevor Lawrence. That's two weeks in a row. That's two weeks in a row. And here comes Jalen hurts. And if you want to, as a Dallas cowboy, get past Tom Brady, who you're probably going to have to face, say all you want about the struggles of Tom Brady, but you let him sit back there and he can pick you apart. And at some point, the Buccaneers have put it all together. Maybe that might be 2023. I don't know. What was your favorite next week? I don't get it. I mean, the bears played, did you watch any of the bears eagles game? All of the snaps of them, sir. Well, all of this is probably should have won that game. Well, Justin Fields presents a problem that dak Prescott doesn't. How does that sound? Well, CD lam presents a problem that Chase claypool doesn't. That's correct. That's fair. And your boy Pollard and Zeke present problems. Similar to similar to David, I won't say Montgomery. Who's going to guard AJ Brown? I'll tell you what. This is going to be a problem for Dallas. Of course, I think you can win the game. Obviously, I totally think you can win the game, and I think you can win a couple playoff games too. I firmly believe it, but you're going to have to start getting a pass rush going in a way that we just haven't seen two plus weeks. And don't forget, Matt Ryan was carving you up before the fourth quarter roof caved in on Indianapolis. I mean, the AFC south has presented a problem for the cowboys all of a sudden that gives me pause. And they also blew a 17 point game on the road. And if we're going to torch the Raiders for doing that, I'll torch America's team. Are we going to torch the chiefs the same way we torch the cowboys? You know what? The chiefs have not had a good couple of weeks either. But they've walked out with the wins to use your phrase. It's funny, like last week, you're like, we don't need details in the headline, and this week now you'd like details in the headline. That wasn't this. That wasn't important. We crapped all over the cowboys last week for winning the game against this one team and I'm not saying you, but the national media keeps the same and they had to go to overtime. And that is my own. The chiefs do not have a consistent enough running game and if they're going to have to depend on one, I think they gave the ball to Isaiah Pacheco a couple of times in a row and then he fumbled and then he disappeared and McKinnon can run it too, I guess. McKinnon's been he has been. I think he's going to win some fantasy weeks. But I want the keys. The cowboys, I'd like the cowboys on that list. The colts have to be on that list. You want to talk about a horrible weekend. Patriots are on that list. I'm actually relieved we lost, to be honest. Why? Because we stink. So what do we got to be the 7 seed and lose by 40 in the playoffs again? At least this way we can lose out. You'd rather not. And then have a better draft pick. I'd rather not make the playoffs than lose by 40. Let's put a pin in this for the moment, but I don't blame you for feeling disgruntled today. And the fourth one you have to put on there,

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