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The seventies later tonight. 10 11 They would have been the Washington Redskins for 87 years. In fact, that's how long they've had that team name, but owner Dan Snyder famously declared years ago, the name would never change and then never ran out of time. A team name and logo are no more. W GOP's Debra Feinstein spoke with USA Today Sports columnist Christine Brennan, who's been a steadfast champion of the name change, and she is excited about the news. What a great day. This is in Washington, D. C. That racist, awful name, a name that I said tens of thousands of times when I was covering the team in the eighties, when they actually won games and one Super Bowls. When I covered the team for the Washington Post, and what an honor that wass but back seven years ago when I said it once I just said it's just an awful name and literally that day seven years ago 2013 I decided I would not say it anymore. I knew this day would come because it had to the march of time demographics. I don't think any of us thought it would come quite this soon. But it took the corporate pressure joined with the voices of so many native leaders, and I think we don't want to forget them. The wonderful wonderful leaders Of our native communities who spoke out and with the allies from the corporate world. It finally happened. And that is pretty amazing How much of this decision from Dan Snyder to retire? The team name is based on all of the growing financial pressure to do so. And what does that say about the motivation? Probably most of the dead money talks when you've got FedEx and Pepsico and Bank of America and Nike all gang up on you saying Enough is enough? Which is what's happened over the last few weeks. That's pretty formidable, and that's it. So I think it's I think that's okay though. I think the end result is what's important here. A Zen e of us who've tried to tell explain to a 12 year old what that name how that name works and why it exists. Or the thought of could a team that was starting now franchise in a different league. Different sport. Could they have even used that name now? Of course they couldn't. I think the end result is what's important getting there and I know the native community people. I've talked to feel very strongly that if it took the money in that pressure, so be it. But, yes, absolutely without Those corporations reacting, I think, obviously out of their own best interest because young people, especially your future fan base in your future people buying your products and using your products for years to come. They were really pushing for this. A swell USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan on Skype. Now that we know the team's name is changing. His owner Dan Snyder, stand a better chance of building a new stadium. Next to the old are F K an D C. Former mayor and current Ward seven. Councilmember Vince Gray represents the people who live near R. F K, He says it may be too late for this team. There are a lot of things that are going on a TTE present and are OK. We've got other amenities that are being developed here. Um, I think I think we may be at the stage now Moving on. Grey spoke on W. A amused coach Onandi show on Friday. This is a change in position for him. He used to be in favor of a new stadium being built in the district as long as Snyder paid for it, But D C delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is telling the Redskins talk podcast. She is prepared to bring a bill to Congress toe by the federal land that houses are of K Stadium as soon as the team changes its name. Ah, lot to stay tuned for here and at W. GOP dot com. D C. Maryland and Virginia are suing ice there, joining 14 other states to challenge the agency's new rule that foreign students should be kicked out of the country. If the college classes are all online. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is representing the state University system in the suit. The Corona virus pushed tax day to July 15th the day after tomorrow In Maryland, the state's future finances depend heavily on what happens with those revenues. Your income taxes help fuel state government in Maryland, there's pressure to cut at least $200 million from the state's budget, part of the economic fallout from the Corona virus pandemic. Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot says it will be weeks before the state can analyze the impact. We have to have a balanced budget. We're going to have a balanced budget, but we also need to have the right economic data so that we go over cut because the Corona virus limited in person access to the comptroller's office is statewide. Franchot is giving out his own cell phone number, he says of people who need assistant text him. He'll get someone in his office to help Kate Ryan. W T O P News sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. 10 15 with Dave Preston Washington's NFL team has long been called The Burgundy and Gold today was about change in progress. After announcing it would retire the Redskins name USA Today, columnist Christine Brennan tells w t o p I knew this day would come because it had to the march of time demographics. I don't think any of us thought it would come quite this soon. But it took the corporate pressure joined with the voices of so many native leaders, and I think we don't want to forget them. There's also a shuffle in the front office. One day after firing director of pro personnel Alex Santos and assistant director Richard Man the team names Don warned the new assistant director of pro personnel Warren played on all three Super Bowl winning teams.

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