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You you got this. I'll just read all the the the specifics the the Examples so hours and minutes is one fifteen one colon one five hours minutes seconds. Eight twenty five thirty eight colon twenty five colon thirty Bibliographical reference nation one thirty colon. Twenty so i think it would be a publication called nation and then it would be maybe page one hundred thirty and then the twentieth the line maybe Where were we ratio reddish to as in four two one four two one four colon one Proportion where it is red as is to or when doubled as as as in the example to one is two eight two four two and then it says a red as two. Oh two here we go yet. To is to one as eight is to four. i screwed it up Yep yep yep yep that is colon This is latin. Which means part of a poem from greek colon. Which means limb like your arm or your leg which is part of a stroke or strategy. That was a lot of information. I am sorry for that now. We have the third form of colon but you would pronounce it. I guess you would pronounce it cologne. Cologne co loan. Yeah Noun from eighteen eighty eight a colonial farmer or plantation owner and we have cologne again but this time it is spelled with an accent over the second o- or you could leave off the accent and you can put on an e. at the end cologne. This is a noun from nineteen sixteen one the basic monetary unit of el salvador until two thousand one and the number two l. It says just see the money table. So this is spanish. Cologne which is from cristobal cologne. Christopher columbus while that was his whole name cristobal cologne christopher columbus. I guess And they made any el salvador. They made their money cologne after him. So i thought i had something else to say. Yeah the word colon can mean a number of things which is Just kind of confusing okay. Next we have colin bacillus noun from eighteen ninety seven and the synonym is just e. coli and our last word is is. It's not pronounced how it should be pronounced. It is colonel But it is spelled c. o. l. o. n. e. l. Colonel obviously noun from enough fifteen sixty seven. One a a commissioned officer in the army air force or marine corps ranking above a lieutenant colonel and below a brigadier general. I will never keep that straight one..

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