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Investigators say hankins committed suicide two years ago, she graduated from Lawrence north high school and was on the women's basketball team in northwestern. That lawsuit filed by hankins mother, I'm C J Miller Ninety-three WIBC mobile knew it went down to the wire last night. But the Butler BULLDOGS beat big east rival, Seton Hall. Valor will be the powder Fowler to Baldwin three seconds left. Kamar traded away. Three is good. Of course, seventy six seventy five bother loses by one the call from the Butler radio network. The two will meet again, February second and he will field house at least thirty new restaurants are planned for Indianapolis in two thousand nineteen Liz bureau with the Indy star has a preview of them really looking forward to stilts Ville two chefs that have been on top. Chef brother TV top chef are coming to open that at Meridian Kessler Forty-six forty-ninth college. So that's going to be a great seafood place. There's a really interesting chain concept coming here, it's a CAL's zone place. It's called sauce on the side. And that one is coming to Carmel and also to the new hotel that they're building across the street from bankers life Fieldhouse. You got a clear radar mostly cloudy skies and twenty-seven on monument circle. I'm John Herrick. And I'm curt darling on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC dot com. Now back to Tony cats today. From heartland? The crossroads of America. Tony cats today. The secretary of homeland security is pretty disgusted. Kristin nelson. Finds the Democrats. Their attitude towards the border wall. Not only offensive but disrespectful. Speaking on Fox News. I can't imagine being one of these victims families and listening to an elected member of congress claim that their pain and their suffering is manufactured. It's offensive is what it is. But it's also unprofessional. This whole manufactured conversation is kind of interesting because what I've seen from the political, right? And from the from those other news outlets. Is that on the left? Everybody.

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