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And maybe but he's also going to be thirty three this season. So like, I I love LG. I always will not like I don't like to say anything bad about him because I love by distinct. It's kinda you know end of the road for him. So I don't think he's going to be the answer. I would love to have been back. I was always a huge Benny guy. And he only has one point five sacks. And this last thirty games. So I don't really know kind of money. He's going to be getting out there. I would love to bring him back as a third defensive tackle that you could kinda rotate Fletcher cog out turning in Benetton. And I love that. I don't think it's necessary Listrik setting Benny might be able to find some kind of starting job or it's more playing time. Elsewhere, but I love it. I don't see an S for Michael kendricks. We obviously know that won't be happening especially because he is the sentencing. For insider trading coming up in April, and he could be facing up to thirty months in prison. So not happening. Now, I think by think kendricks will get out of jail time. But I definitely agree with you. I don't think he's coming back to Philadelphia anytime soon. Let's look at some guys possibly connected to Doug Peterson running back Spencer ware who really burst onto the scene in two thousand fifteen when he filled in for Jamaal Charles good pass catcher. He's just twenty seven years old and four point eight yards per carry last year eleven point two yards per reception safety. Ron Parker was another name. I saw mentioned on your list. That was interesting the eagles, if they decide they want added another safety, which I don't think would be a terrible idea that could be a potential match there. I really like the idea of where the more I think about it. But what about what about some of these names and some other potential names connected. Doug Peterson think Spencer where is makes a lot of sense to to be fair who has been saying this awhile now, so I feel like I'm infringing on his territory by saying this, but. Spencer was he would encourage you to steal the idea. Anyway..

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