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Could reach near sixty. After months of teasing. Former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke is running for president. He released a video announcement this morning. And I are happy to share with you that I'm running to serve you as the next president of the United States of America. This is a defining moment of truth for this country, and for every single one of us Rourke nearly upset Senator Ted Cruz in the last election. CBS news, political correspondent Eto kief. Report. Works nearly three point loss. The Republican Senator Ted Cruz last November was the closest margin for US Senate race in Texas since one thousand nine hundred seventy eight despite the defeat at work raised more than eighty million dollars for his Senate campaign a record sum for a Senate contest. And he did it in part by putting virtually every moment of his campaign on social media since the campaign. He's even taken followers along to the dentist was quite a reveal Rourke kicking off his campaign with a three day tour across Iowa, a member of the state legislature will not be disciplined for grabbing the backside of a fellow lawmaker back in December during an orientation session house committee said it did not find any evidence that Representative Paul mcmurtry of data made an intent. Contact with an unnamed female Representative elect video evidence reviewed by the committee suggested an accidental touch McMurdo said in a statement, the allegations are absolutely positively and unequivocally not true. The Senate votes today a resolution blocking the president's declaration of a national emergency at the border. It does appear that enough. Republicans will join Democrats in the Senate to pass a resolution of disapproval ABC's. Karen Travers is at the White House with the latest President Trump. As expected says he'll veto the resolution. The Senate is poised to pass today that would block his declaration of a national emergency at the US southern border. This'll be the first veto of his presidency. The administration insists the president has the authority to declare this emergency in order to shift funding toward construction of a border wall. But lawmakers from both parties question this interpretation of executive authority and question whether the situation at the border, actually constitutes an emergency. Paren- Travers ABC news, a White House. The Massachusetts house has moved forward on legislation to ban. So called gay conversion therapy. Supporters claim the practice designed to alter someone's sexual orientation is discredited by mental health assoc. Nations and Ken contribute to depression. And suicide opponents argue the legislation would impose criminal liability on health professionals who counsel children about same sex attraction or gender confusion. The Bill would allow non licensed religious or faith based counselors to provide pastoral counseling. Lawmakers passed a similar Bill last summer, but it stalled in the sessions final hours. Governor Baker says he's inclined to sign it. If passed Massachusetts would become the sixteenth state to adopt a ban. It's time now to check business Tracy jonky, a Bloomberg is joining us with the very latest morning, Tracy. Good morning. Our to Wall Street started its day with word, President Trump won't meet with his Chinese counterpart until April at the earliest and Indonesia airline is the latest to cancel an outstanding Boeing seven thirty-seven max order and demand for jobless benefits is that a four week kind not much to grow on the Dow is falling seventy five points. Nasdaq down fifteen the s&p is down seven GE's shareholders meeting starting now, but it's opening act warmed up. The crowd t stock is rising even though the company is lowering its profit forecast for this year. Well, also, promising it'll get better, I'm Tracy jonky, Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's newsradio. Thank you, Tracy electric. Scooters are coming to a Massachusetts community in April. That's just ahead. Hey, guys, Billy cost here..

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