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They know they know what they're talking about right. So they're giving a lot of credit to the forty niners secondary even with all the injuries He had seventy one last week and he wasn't utilized all that much. And they you know they were leading by quite a lot into the fourth quarter. So they weren't passing. I would take the over on that. It's all over right or going over over over over so hey you don't make the line. We only make the call. The thing about smith is like they're going to get him touches either on screens or drop passes like we saw last week they. They're finding ways to get him the ball in space and so he's going to have a lot of opportunities in this game. I can honestly see him getting more than forty nine and a half on play. Like i think there's going to be opportunities deep down the field. Lenore did look good. You're right but he's not a fast guys. He'd runs on one of the slower forty times. Use a fifth round. Pick for a reason. I played ninety snaps last week to. That's key can't be to rape one thing that no is jared. Goff wasn't really attacking them until the end of the game like he wasn't even looking at us wide receivers. It was tj hopkinson. Which by the way. Thanks fred warner you made me look like an idiot Thanks d'amico ryan's. I was thinking of you the whole day. He had warner in zone the whole time. What the hell. Well the linebacker both the linebackers z's i don't even know how to say. How do you say all shire else. Shire they're the ones that allow them most yards in coverage and it's because the andrea swift and t jackson in a they were the only ones utilized basically in this offense and jamaal williams had so many receptions as well But fred warner did allow the most yards in coverage last week. Eighty eighty receiving yards so it was not perform. It was a miserable like You know it was week one for everybody. That's what i said. Maybe d'amico ryan's learn like how about instead of putting jason barrett on tj hopkinson. You put the best coverage linebacker in the league on them. Just just a thought you know maybe and especially like hopkinson was catching the ball early. It just didn't seem like there was any kind of adjustment there. So i was thinking of you and i was frustrated. That whole time If you're wondering by the dallas thirty eight and a half is the over under for receiving yards on him. I hope that that we don't come out with that same game plan. Because i think he's gonna hit the over on that. Yeah and i think a lot of that depends on if zakar plays or not. He's kind of questionable the play if he doesn't play like the over in that line but it's accurate in all he's still had thirty four yards last week. He's still involved. He's still fine player. Like you gotta give him. Credit or credit is due. And i i don't i would just stay away from that line. I think it's too low. Or he definitely like beat it. But i don't i don't want to take the over under that's just line. I'm staying far away from. I'm trying to find one. Do i wanna take the under on one under. Because i feel like you said we've gone over on everything. Jane raiders at thirty four and a half receiving yards I don't know. I don't know rushing yards that could be under. Don't ally mitchell now. Because i think trae sermon will be involved. And michael hasty will be involved like you said you think all of them will get around ten carries so if that's the case alive mitchell is going to have to best one off What she could thirty yard touchdown in week. One is not on the board. I don't see it here for rush yards. Deebo samuel is at five and a half that interests you. But i don't see anything for trace sermon mitchell draft. They don't they don't do sacks do they because i do think that the the eagles will get to jimmy garoppolo and bring him down a few times when the forty niners played the eagles last year. Now jimmy didn't play because he was hurt but it was basically the same offensive and defensive lines. The eagles had fifteen quarterback hits not pressures fifteen hits. It was rough. And trent williams even had a bad game so the eagles front can get after it a little bit. And that's going to be the big thing for me is what does jimmy garoppolo do. When he gets pressure because he basically was clean all last week he really didn't face it that much pressure at all But when he did he was able to shuffle his feet and extend the place. So that was encouraging. But it's going to be much much tougher this week. And i also wonder if he is under a bunch of pressure. Kyle shanahan say you know what forget it trae lance like. Get in there and run around and do some things. So i'm interested interested to see how that works out and it's really nice. They have trae lands in practice. This week you would think they have him in more for the defense to they have to be running those plays too. You know to contain trae lands. Because they're going to have to contain jalen hurts. it's nice. They have that type of quarterback in practice. Hopefully they're utilizing him correctly But yet you know we could see trae lanes come in this game a little bit more if we if we see the eagles you know jalen hurts doing saying jimmy. Garoppolo's can't keep up. We could see trae lance. What do you think is the biggest The biggest thing that the forty niners have to do this week. In order to beat the eagles. I clearly think they're a better team than you do. But what's the one. What's the one focus. You think the forty niners half to do to in order to win this game. I think they have to protect jimmy garoppolo or whoever whatever quarterback. They're like fifteen quarterback hits. That's ridiculous they just have to do a better job than that. It's it's not like the eagles have amazing. Pass rushers they. They have some solid players. But you gotta be able to block. All they need to do is just give jimmy garoppolo a few seconds to throw the ball and he seems to be able to function. And there's no excuse not to do it. You're supposed to be you know. I think top team in the nfc. The eagles are not a top team in the nfc. I know it's another game on the road but you stayed in west virginia. Go out and handle your damn business. I will say. I think the eagles and the forty niners right now in the nfc are kind of equal. I think you're a little bit higher. The forty nine. I think they're going to be really good..

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