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The hawks and in the eastern conference matchup toronto try to make it eleven in a row in the wind column at home in the marta rosa continues his big start to the season longo's getaway no passes crosscourt left right so lowery over to derozen buries the freefall air corner some are stretching for a for a full that's sports that five naughty the fed 25 points border rosen one eleven '98 the final that's eleven straight wins bore the raptors at air canada's center toronto thirteen unwanted home this season that's the best hallmark in the nba raptors are one win away for matching the longest home winning streak in franchise history that was separate tweet january 18th march six of two thousand sixteen rockets trying to rebound against the wizards houston's bennett a tailspin lately but art for an into a red hot otto porter jr waldo bluffing outside the arc auto horror joe kids out there who have a good seven for one or two working porter shoots over chance oh you're going eighty five set up a free bottle 26 points wishes biggest later the lights federal newsradio 26 points is what porter would finish with wizards when it won twenty one two one oath three that's five street in the last called for houston after winning 25 of their first twenty nine games to notch the nba's best record this is the worst losing streak in nearly five years college hoops eleven thranked kansas and excess and a high scoring affair in the lonestar state other locker barrels with barbecue open are out delegates up import but colin cooper quarter full it's horrible the other three this spill lights output deep acheloos per jae hak img sports network five three pointers bore mci luque's one of three j hawks to score twenty points or more it's all part of a ninety two '86 six road victory over texas the game is the big 12 opener for both teams twenty second ranked texas tech take it odd baylor conference play opener for both these wads as well and the red raiders impressive on their home floor or it's us patrolling their all the baseline looking proposed position they'll get it to a nice eyes zaire from lawrenceville the rca red raider sports network for lear fields boards texas tech winds.

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