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This is okay. Because we didn't say the character one and a half. Yeah. I would go Matt Perry. He seems like he can party. All right. I can see factually it's been proven that he can to his own detriment had a couple of episodes couple of episodes. We'd hang see. I I would not want to have dinner with him. I wouldn't want to have dinner with Matt LeBlanc know, somebody on Twitter said that they would like to have dinner with Matt LeBlanc because they love his new sitcom, which I forget the name of it some show on CBS. But he is so different. I would like to have dinner with Joey just because it feels like it'd be a good time. But he is so different than the character. Joey on friends that I just don't think that would be as good of a time. Lisa Koutros, a good one. Pretty good because he's in a back to Matt LeBlanc. He's a man with a plan now, which I have not plan, even at least in cujo even in movies that I thought were terrible. Like, she was in the only movie that I as a former as somebody that used to review them for the radio walked out of like, she was on a terrible terrible Romanian, Michelle. No. That I will watch. Michelle is terrible. It'll have to come to because it was that bad. It was a really really terrible movie where she was supposed to be part of like like putting together this guy who was a rap mogul and one of the brothers was it was awful. Oh, man. That's what you're saying. Altogether. Sounds really the worst is the only movie that I've walked out of when I don't need to see the end of this. It was bad. But I think she would be fun. Few other suggestions on Twitter. Courtney Cox says Larry for the simple fact that she is.

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